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Last night we tried Pictureka, a funny little game of finding pictures in a large 9 piece board covered in pictures of varying sizes. The board elements are printed on both sides and can be flipped in play.

I wasn't sure how this would be received, as it's much more of a family/social game than our usual fare, but it seemed to produce a few laughs. Most particularly when I seemed to be unable to say the word 'pictureka' and came out with something like "E! E! Pe-cheecka!" Final scores: Myles 6, [personal profile] sammywol 4, [profile] alaimacerc 3 and [personal profile] irishkate 1.

We then turned to Mamma Mia!, the pizza making memory game from Uwe Rosenberg, designer of Agricola, Le Havre and Bohnanza. We haven't played Mamma Mia! in years so the memory work began before the game as we tried to remember the rules. Boardgamegeek came to our rescue (our set having only French, German and Italian rules) and we got stuck in. The memory element wasn't as onerous as I'd remembered it and it was pretty even game after the second round. I won only on the tie-break. Final score: Myles 5, [profile] alaimacerc 5, [personal profile] irishkate and [personal profile] sammywol both on 4 (I don't recall who had more ingrediants left and was technically third).

It was fun to play two shorter games and I'd play either again happily.
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Last night [personal profile] sammywol and I played a couple of 2-player RftG. The first game Sam had Separatist Colony while I had Alpha Centauri and the Mining League from the start. I made a quick dash (aided by Improved Logistic towards the end) for an early finish. Didn't help me, as Sam got the Galactic Exchange down for 10 points and had a solid tableau too. Final score was Sam 27, me 25 (12 points from Trade League and Mining League).

The second game was if anything else faster. I had Rebel Cantina and Sam had the Galactic Developers, and she kicked my ass. I saw two Rebel worlds all game, and those late so I didn't get more than one card from the Cantina's special Producation power, and Sam got down Instellar Bank to go with the Galactic Developers and put down a stack of developments, aided in the end by the Galactic Federation and another 6 pointer to give her a pile of points. Final score 32 - 20 to Sam.

Nice play, Space Wol!
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We watched Torchwood (well three of us did. [profile] alaimacerc read the slim rules to Rebel vs. Imperium and harrumphed about the padding) first, but got started shortly after 22:00 with our first game with the new Rebel vs. Imperium cards. We didn't use goals but we did use the new pick a starting world mechanic, to some grumbling. I think we ended up with [profile] alaimacerc with Alpha Centauri, [personal profile] sammywol with the new Imperial Warlord, [personal profile] irishkate with Doomed World and me with Earth's Lost Colony. I got another of the new homeworlds, Galactic Engineers (I think) down pretty early too.

We had a lot of exploring early on, thanks mostly to Alai, searching (in vain, unfortunately) for those rare-earth worlds. I managed to get down a couple of windfall worlds and a couple of useful developments and worked my way steadily towards running out the game. I never really got much card income going, but the card on the Develop phase from the Galactic Engineers and the 2 cards on the Production phase from the Pan Galactic Thingy helped there. I seemed to switch to a military strategy about half-way through but lacked the military might to play the new Alien Monolith unfortunately. Grr!

I ended the game with three cards in a single round due to Improved Logistics and two worlds, but hadn't counted the other's tableaus carefully enough. Finally scores were [personal profile] irishkate 31 (including 10 from one 6-pointer), [personal profile] sammywol 30, me 25 and [profile] alaimacerc 20. Well done, Irishkate for grabbing the prize.

I think I'm going to like the new set. We've yet to see any takeovers in action however, so we'll have to wait and see how they're received by the group.
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Box art

Race for the Galaxy expansion set 2, Rebel vs. Imperium has arrived. Fetishistic fondling of cards ensues.
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We played TtR:E last night with [profile] alaimacerc. We had a rather crowded start in and around Amsterdam-Berlin way, and there was a bit of jostling for position heading east. [personal profile] sammywol seemed burdened with a lot of short routes to make her connections and [profile] alaimacerc had crap luck with drawing new tickets. In contrast I had a relatively easy time of it and wasn't all that surprised by the final scores: Myles 124, [profile] alaimacerc104 and [personal profile] sammywol 74.

Afterwards we chatted and played a rousing game of three-way balloon volleyball/keepy-uppy. We're just big kids really.
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Wednesday night came and we played Race for the Galaxy. I'm waiting with bated breath for the Rebel vs. Imperium expansion but was happy to play RftG another time without it.

Starting worlds were Epsilon Eridani for [personal profile] irishkate, New Sparta for [profile] alaimacerc, Alpha Centauri for [personal profile] sammywol and Ancient Race for me. I was determined to give Ancient Race another try as it seems to have a bad reputation in our group. I was lucky to get Lost Species Ark World down early after spending my windfall and did pretty well with a mostly green production game. Improved Logistics helped me once, but I pulled Galactic Federation (I think; the 6-pointer for having many developments) late and did nicely as I ended the game with a full tableau.

However [personal profile] sammywol pipped me to the post with a great haul from Terraforming Guild. Nice play, love.

Final scores were: [personal profile] sammywol 31 (12 from 1 6-pt), Myles 30 (12 from 2 6-pt), [personal profile] irishkate 23 (2 from 1 6-pt) and [profile] alaimacerc 18 (4 from 1 6-pt).
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We had [profile] alaimacerc over last night and played a game of Trias, the game of the breakup of Pangea and cute little wooden dinosaurs.

It was a while since our last game so the re-read of the rules was a little slow. We managed to get started without too much confusion (or no more than usual at least) and soon had Pangea flying apart into six or seven land masses of various sizes. [profile] alaimacerc seemed to have the advantage early on, scoring most of the points for separating new continents.

Once all the land masses had separated from the South Pole continent we were a little unsure as to whether we'd have any more scoring from continent formation, but that sorted we cruised into the final phase of the game soon enough, with a lot of jockeying for dominance on the larger continents. I'm not sure if there's much to be done once that phase starts. It seemed to me that for the most part each continent stayed pretty much in the hands (claws) of the player who got early position.

The comet came about half-way between through the phase 2 deck and we scored up the continents. Final scores were [personal profile] sammywol 24, [personal profile] mylescorcoran 24 and [profile] alaimacerc 19. [personal profile] sammywol took the win on the tiebreak with more herds in hand than I had. Pretty close game.

Next time I must remember to print out an underlay with a hex grid on it though, to stop landmasses slipping willy nilly.
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Once we got home from the park, unpacked the picnic and packed the children off to bed it was time for a bit of Wednesday night boardgaming. We played Union Pacific. [profile] alaimacerc had left the game at our place for several weeks now, hoping to get a play of it in and last night we decided the time was right.

Rule explained (or re-explained for those who couldn't remember from the last time), we got stuck in. It's an odd mixture of set collecting, with elements now very familiar from Ticket to Ride, and distractions like the poor differentiation between suits by colour and the four kinds of track. I felt that getting only one card per turn made it drag. I couldn't help but think that Ticket to Ride gives you two cards, softening the blow of the player to your left taking the one good card from the tableau and speeding things up.

Speed was a big problem. We got started around 9h30, I'd guess, but were nowhere near finished past 23h when we called it a night. (Quasi-) final scores were [personal profile] sammywol 45, [profile] alaimacerc 41, me 39 and [personal profile] irishkate 24.

Probably worth another go soon while the rules are still more or less fresh in our heads.
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Last night the gang were all in place for a couple of games. First we played a quick game of Race for the Galaxy. [personal profile] irishkate had New Sparta, [personal profile] sammywol had the Damaged Alien Factory, [profile] alaimacerc had Earth's Lost Colony (I think) and I had the Doomed World.

It was a pretty quick game, with lots of settling and some developing, and I never felt I really got things moving. Too many windfall worlds, I'm afraid, even with the Galactic Engineers or whatever it was that refilled a Novelty windfall world on a Produce phase. I did manage to get Improved Logistics down and it stopped me from having an absolutely atrocious score. I still came last though.

Final scores were [profile] alaimacerc 29 (of which 6 were VP chips and 10 from a 6-pt Development), [personal profile] sammywol 27, [personal profile] irishkate 25 and [personal profile] mylescorcoran 25. Irishkate had more goods and cards than I did and took third place.

We then made tea and moved on to Roll Through the Ages. Disasterous in both senses for me. I should have made 'em play Apples to Apples. I scored the lowest I've ever managed and thankfully the game was swift, even though that mean that [personal profile] irishkate didn't get to finish her pyramid.

Final scores were: [profile] alaimacerc 16, [personal profile] irishkate 11, [personal profile] sammywol 8 and [personal profile] mylescorcoran 5. Five measley points! I hate frigging disasters.
Mood:: bemused
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I forgot to post Sunday night's brief boardgaming outing which consisted of TransAmerica between [personal profile] irishkate, [profile] alaimacerc and myself, with a very put upon [personal profile] sammywol up 'til past 22h trying to get BB off to sleep.

[profile] alaimacerc won by popular acclaim, as we couldn't bear another round of it and moved onto chat instead. He would have won anyway.
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We played Settlers of Catan last night. It's been literally years since we last played Catan, and as there were three of us ([personal profile] sammywol thinks fours is too crowded and mean) we thought we'd give it a go.

It looked like a grain-poor game right from the start, though it didn't eventually stall the city building. [personal profile] sammywol rather got stuck in the middle and had the hardest time getting new settlements, but in the end it didn't really matter as [profile] alaimacerc had an easy cruise to victory with a 10 or 11 length road and plenty of settlements and cities.

I think the game's going back in the closet for another few years. It suffers from a real strike against it in my eyes as it's possible (ha! like bloody clockwork sometimes) to have your turn, roll the dice and nothing happens for you. No new resources and no real chance to trade as your hand is static.

Also I hate the number '6'. It came up noticably less often than the 8. [profile] alaimacerc suggested that he should have brought his Deck-o-Dice, to insure a nice distribution of dice results, but it was in his flat on the other side of town. Maybe we should have made index card dice cards instead.
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Sunday night's game session saw two 3-handers. The first, Race for the Galaxy was fun despite being quite low scoring and seemed to trundle along at a good pace. [profile] alaimacerc had Alpha Centauri (I think; the rare earth starting world), [personal profile] sammywol had the Doomed World and I the Separatist Colony. Final scores: Myles 32 (8 from Terraforming Guild), [personal profile] sammywol 27 (no 6-pt developments), [profile] alaimacerc 26 (16 points from 3 6-pointers!). For the record I had Improved Logistics and managed to use it once I think.

Our second game was Roll Through the Ages, which started badly for me with an Invasion on turn 2 (I think). It did give me enough goods to buy Masonry really early in the game and that more than made up for the -8 points of starvation and invasion disasters I had to take. I grabbed three monuments - the pyramid, the obelisk and the henge, and ended the game on 36 points. [personal profile] sammywol scored 28 and [profile] alaimacerc 21.

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With [personal profile] irishkate away, we had just three for Wednesday's game night. [profile] alaimacerc had tales to tell from the last Tentacles convention in Germany so we took a while to settle down to playing a game of Ticket to Ride: Europe. It started out a very Western Europe sort of game, with track laid pretty much from Edinburgh to Cadiz and most point in between. [personal profile] sammywol and [profile] alaimacerc branched out east before I did, but we all managed to fill all our tickets. Tunnels were hard to build, with a lot of gnashing of teeth when two locos turned up in the three cards for the tunnel more than once.

[profile] alaimacerc deftly (or unconsciously; it's not always clear) block both [personal profile] sammywol's and my efforts at grabbing the longest line and got the bonus 10 points for himself. Unfortunately to do it, he had built a lot of 2 and 3 length lines and was well behind on the scoring track when [personal profile] sammywol ran her carriages out.

Final scores: Myles: 61+56+12 = 129, [profile] alaimacerc: 54+51+12+10 = 127, [personal profile] sammywol: 69+38+12 = 119. Yay me!

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First, a Fianna Fail councillor moved me to tears: That's not something that happens every day.

And then I saw this boardgame (via Play This Thing; read both articles, I'd say), which I both want to play, and don't want to think about.
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We were all a bit zombie-headed Sunday night and only managed one game of Bohnanza. [personal profile] irishkate requires that I mention that [profile] alaimacerc complained about slow play. I couldn't possibly comment. For the first half of the game it looked like a walkover for [personal profile] irishkate but the beans came out of the ground good and fast in the last few rounds and the final scores were: [personal profile] sammywol 17, [profile] alaimacerc 12, [personal profile] irishkate 16 and me 17.

We couldn't remember the tie break condition and guessed that it was most cards in hand. Apparently we were right. So I won. Bwa-hahaha!

(XP: DW->LJ now I've finally got semagic to do tags on DW)
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We tried Incan Gold for the first time last night, with everyone sitting down and folding their cards/tents in their own way. Explaining the rules was complicated a little by our general level of sleepiness and chattiness, but we managed to figure out what we were doing more from play than from the rules, which I felt could have been clearer.

We delved into the temple and came back with treasure. I nobly demonstrated the folly of pushing on alone and lost a stack of treasure to greed and a stupid rockfall. The rest of the company did better, netting a very close finish. Final scores were K 42 (1 artifact), S 42 (1 artifact), A 41, M 27, for a tie for first between [personal profile] irishkate and [personal profile] sammywol.

Interesting little game, and one I could see playing between others quite nicely.

X-post DW->LJ
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I didn't get to post this yesterday due to brain fog. We([profile] alaimacerc, [personal profile] sammywol and I) played a three hander of Race for the Galaxy on Monday night. We played without the goals this time.

I thought I was in with a chance with the Damaged Alien Factory when I saw the Alien Tech Institute and a couple of other nice Alien cards, but [personal profile] sammywol and [profile] alaimacerc both pulled Improved Logistics and slaughtered me.

Final scores: [personal profile] sammywol (14 cards): 40 (18 from 6 pointers), [profile] alaimacerc (12 cards): 40 (incl Improv. Logistics, 8 from 6 pointers), and little old me (10 cards): 33 (lotsa Aliens for 13 points). Sammywol won on the tie-break.

A bit frustrating as I never really got the cards flowing, despite my best efforts. I'm going to have to keep a record of wins with Improved Logistics. It hardly ever fails to win the game it feels to me, but I'm not sure if that's just my impression or not.
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Last night we had our now usual Sunday night boardgame session and trotted out two games that rarely make an appearance. The first was Chrononauts, the time-travelling game from Looney Labs. This was our first time playing this game at all, so I was pleased that the quick-start rules seemed sufficient to get us up and running. Alai was screwed somewhat with an odd mission card that seemed to require him to collect 4 artifacts rather than the usual 3, but I wonder if we weren't reading it wrong.

Anyway, we dived into the time stream and quickly saved the Titanic, avoided WWII, cancelled the Manhattan Project and stopped a couple of assassinations on the side. The time line was looking quite nice actually, but it didn't help me get my three dinos or much closer to my character's homeline. I managed to grab two dinos at one point but one of them proved to have never existed and disappeared into the discard pile PDQ.

Sam pulled a stroke and ended the game with her character, Betty, getting home to her original time line. The rest of us were quite some distance I think from either of our goals.

We followed up with Munchkin, a first time for [ profile] irishkate, with promises that we'll stop at a certain time rather than grind out to Level 10. So much for promises. We finished a little before midnight with a joint win (I hate Elves!) for [ profile] irishkate and [ profile] alaimacerc after defeating a Creeping Hand (ancient, mate, brood, undead, oops not undead, flying, halitosis, &c).

Good to see the beginner's luck held true, particularly as irishkate said she still didn't really know what was going on after she won.
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Wednesday night came and we four played another game of Race for the Galaxy. At [ profile] mnemex's suggestion we used the goals from the expansion set this time, ending up with the 'first to a power in each phase', 'first to 5 VP', 'first to each type of production/windfall' and 'first to three alien' from the 3 VP goals, and the 'most developments' and 'largest industry' from the 5 VP goals.

I had a very jerky session, with an early attempted naked trade falling through which left me hurting for the rest of the game. My real problem was the presence of the Merchant Guild and the Trade League (or is that the Merchant League and the Trade Guild?) in my hand from the deal. I couldn't bring myself to discard either and I screwed myself with deadwood in my hand for too long. Sigh.

The goals let [ profile] alaimacerc walk away with the game, turning a fairly weak 19 VP tableau and chips into a game winning 29 VP once he picked up the two 5 VPs goals without much competition.

Final scores: [ profile] alaimacerc 29 (10 points in goals!), [ profile] sammywol 28 (6 in goals), [ profile] irishkate Kate 25 (3 in goals) and Myles 22.

I remain to be convinced about the value of the goals as an addition to the game. It certainly changed the outcome of the game, and probably push Alai to steam ahead even faster than he would have otherwise, but I'm not sure that's a good thing. RftG is already pretty much of a rush to 12 cards, and turning up the pressure even more only frustrates me when the cards don't come together. I only had 9 cards down in the end for example.
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Sunday night's boardgames involved two short ones. TransEuropa hit the table for the first time in years and unfortunately probably won't make another appearance for a long time. The board layout seems even more frustrating than TransAmerica and the cards are not as informative either. Final scores: Alai 10, Myles 3, Sammywol -4, IrishKate -7. And much swearing.

Then on to Roll Through the Ages where we had remarkably few disasters (my fewest ever!) and a surprising three way draw as the game ran out on monuments. Sammywol 22 and 25 goods, IrishKate 22 and 10 goods, Myles 22 and 3 goods and Alai 14. Sammywol won on the tie-break.

I'm suffering Race for the Galaxy withdrawal.
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Tried out Tempus with Sam, each of us playing 2 positions. We didn't finish as it was getting late and Sam had a headache. I found it interesting enough. There was probably a bit of group-think kept the combat to a minimum, but it didn't look too important most of the time. I wonder about the wisdom of trying to make the advance into each era apart from Writing and Printing (with the bonus Idea cards), as it seemed to leave your tribe a little hamstrung for the next era. I suspect that building lots of cities is the default best thing to do, and wonder if there's any real counter to that.

On the production values however I was disappointed. Two colours, black and purple, were indistinguishable under anything other than interrogation lighting and the colours of action tiles didn't match the colours of the population counters or the cities. Just shoddy, really.
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We had [ profile] irishkate back from away and [ profile] alaimacerc back for more punishment last night. We got out Dominion after some discussion, thinking to give Alai his first taste of the game, and went with the Village Square set-up of kingdom cards. Alai picked it up fairly quickly and we got started. I quite liked the Festival, was not sure about the Bureaucrat over all, and really felt the lack of the mine. Final scores were Myles 35, [ profile] irishkate 33, [ profile] alaimacerc 28 and [ profile] sammywol 25. I'm pretty sure we won't be playing it again soon however, as [ profile] sammywol really doesn't like it. Ah well.

We polished off the evening with a game of TransAmerica, which proved more amusing at least, with [ profile] irishkate managing to mistake St. Louis for Salt Lake City at one point and building there for me. Thanks Kate! Final scores were M 10, A 9, S 0 and K 0, making it two for two for me.

Yay me.
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Last night we got out Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, the last of my pre-Christmas games buying splurge. It was in fact a freebie from Days of Wonder when I bought Ticket to Ride: Europe and TtT: the Card Game.

There was a lot of setting up to do. This is a game that's unafraid of bits. We got started and at heart it's a pretty simple game. Take cards or spend cards and build parts of the temple. I liked the vaguely San Marco style spreading out of the cards after you've chosen, leaving tempting stacks of corrupt cards for others to worry about.

We trundled along, not in the one hour play time on the box of course, feeding our pyramids with the corruption tokens. I was screwed for mosaics and only managed one 5-point sanctuary. The other two grabbed 12 and 10 points of sanctuaries, the bastards.

And suddenly we ran out of palace pieces and it was over. Unsurprisingly I was eaten by the sacred crocodile and scored nothing with all my hard earned talents. I hope my architect's family were well cared for.

Final scores were: Myles 77 talents and 10 corruption amulets, Sammywol 70 talents and 3 corruption amulets and Alai 54 talents and 0 corruption amulets (the lily-white chap actually had sanctuary spaces unused). A good win for Sammywol.

This game had the feel of a French design, with lots of chrome and funny bits. I'm not sure it's good enough to warrant the set-up time (and breakdown time is long too), but it was interesting enough in play. I could see the market mechanic for distributing cards used gainfully in another game.
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[ profile] alaimacerc brought round one of his new purchases, On the Underground, last night and we gave it a go.

It's a track laying and route completing sort of game. One that actually seems to produce something resembling the London Tube at the end, which is nice. I managed a good 11-pt loop for a big score, and about three of the 'connect the lost and found' items. I would have lost nastily if at any point either Sam or Alai had bowbed me on the loop, but they are gentlemen (more or less) and the final scores were S 57, A 60, M 67.
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Played a 2-hander with [ profile] sammywol on Thursday, she as Alpha Centauri, me as Epsilon Eridani. It was a fairly quick game, with lots of settling, and a close one. Final score [ profile] sammywol 37, including Merchant Guild for 14, and me at 39, including New Economy & Alien Tech Institute for 15. We both ended on 13 cards.
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Popped over to A+F's last night to have a game of Dominion. As it was our first game together and our first 4-player game of Dominion we chose the first game set of kingdoms and got stuck in.

There was a lot of early Duchy buying, as it turned out mostly from F. I was convinced that he was buying too soon and would clog up his deck.

We all managed to get some sort of engine together despite the predations of multiple militias and trundled along quite nicely until the duchies ran out. That put a bit of pressure on to get those provinces before two more decks were exhausted. We bought as best we could, still hampered by the militia on and off but all too soon the estates and smithies were gone and the game ended.

Final scores: F 39, me 29, Sam 27 and A 21. Clearly the duchies didn't hinder F much!
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Played a quick 2-hander with Sam tonight while trying not to think about the new Budget.

She chose the Separatist Colony and I chose Alpha Centauri. I had an amazing starting hand with 4 6-point developments in it, including the Mining League and the Merchant Guild. That pretty much set my strategy for the game. I got the Merchant Guild down fairly early to benefit my Production actions and chugged away for a series of Settles and Productions with the occasional Development to get down Drop Ships and the Minining League.

It was still tight though as Sam got Improved Logistics and the Alien Toy Shop to synergize with some Alien windfall world and finished off the game in record time by hitting 12 cards while I managed only 11. She was without 6-point Developments however, and the final score was
29 to 33 to me.
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[ profile] sammywol and I played a couple of games of Battle Line last night.

In the first game Sam won with a breakthrough! Clever use of the fog defeated my poor Alexander! Grr!

We'd played again, tactics cards featured much more and Sam won with a hard-fought breakthrough again with only a couple of cards left in the troop deck. Her traitor and deserter cards performed well.

I liked it. This is a good little thinky game with lots of painful decisions and having to sacrifice something now to protect a future play. Very Knizia, very Lost Cities.
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[ profile] sammywol and I tried a 2-hander of Dominion last night. I got off to a good start with a Militia and a round or two of buying silver, and I bootstrapped nicely to gold quickly enough. Sam's luck wasn't so good and I had a worry that this second game of Dominion was going to sour her on the whole thing - very annoying after spending £30 on it - but she came back strongly in the second half of the game with a storming last hand with a series of Markets and Villages that grabbed her the last 6 VP card. I managed to scrape a win 42-41, but it was close. I never really saw that Militia card again at the right time in the second half of the game, which was a mixed blessing I admit. The Militia really pissed Sam off on occasion.
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Yay! My new games arrived. I've now got Dominion, Tempus, Incan Gold and Battle Line sitting on a tottering pile in the living room beside the stereo. Looking good, and I got a chance to play Dominion last night with [ profile] sammywol and [ profile] irishkate.

There was a fair amount of setting up and familiarising ourselves with the cards, but we picked it up pretty quickly. It took longer than expected as I missed the set-up rule about only including 12 each of the Estates, Duchies and Provinces. It would have ended a little sooner I suspect if we'd had the right numbers of cards.

I think [ profile] irishkate did very nicely with the strategy we called "It's Takes A Village (or Three)" and turned some very nice combo hands with villages and smithies or markets to her advantage. We all enjoyed it I think and are looking forward to trying out the other kingdom cards. [ profile] alaimacerc is hereby under orders to read the card descriptions before settling down to play; so says Kate!

The final scores were [ profile] irishkate 48, [ profile] mylescorcoran 42 and [ profile] sammywol 37.
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Busy enough little weekend with a trip to Fota on Sunday for Rowan's school's Easter Egg hunt. Bitter winds did not deter the kids from crawling and climbing all over practically every tree in the park, rooting out eggs as they went.

It was also a weekend of boardgames, with three under the belt. On Saturday Sam and I played a 2-hander of Ticket to Ride: Europe, which was something of a battering for Sam. I scored 129 and she scored 92. It was mostly the luck of the tickets. She had a rotten spread and never really had a shot at the longest route, and had to fill a lot of short hops to connect things, which don't score big points.

On Sunday night we had Alai around and played first Ticket to Ride the Card Game. This despite the weak reception it got the first time at the table. I'm afraid it didn't win over many converts this time either, though at least Alai didn't feel like he'd been taken to a Greek wrestling match like the last time. Final scores: M 145, A 109, S 81.

And then we madly took on a quick game of Race for the Galaxy at my request. This was a good game, with almost no production and very little consumption. Despite this we ended up with respectable scores across the board, with Sam taking the crown after a game where she explored almost exclusively. Final scores: S - Doomed World: 46 (with improved logistics,, grr! *shakes fist*), M - Epsilon Eridani: 38+2 cards, A - Separatist Colony: 38+0 cards. Maybe we're getting the hang of this after all.

On the strength of our recent upsurge in boardgaming I've also ordered some new games from Boardgame Guru. I'm getting Dominion, Tempus, Incan Gold and a copy of Battle Line for those quiet evenings when Sam and I want to smash Greek armies together (ha! It's a Knizia. The Greek army theme will be pasted on, but the GMT cards look lovely). Anyone had any experiences of any of those they'd like to share?
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My good lady [ profile] sammywol humoured me last night and we played Race for the Galaxy. She chose the Separatist Colony as her homeworld, I plumped for Old Earth.I was dealt Galactic Federation and the Merchant League in my opening hand, and had to make the hard choice of which 6-point development to chuck in order to make some progress. I stuck with the Merchant League, thinking that Old Earth would work better with a pile of production worlds than with a stack of developments.

It was a fast game for us, over in about half an hour I think, with [ profile] sammywol finishing out the 12 cards in her tableau before me. I could only manage 11 cards down. It was still close, and I scrape a win 40-38, despite New Galactic Order paying out more for [ profile] sammywol than the Merchant League netted me. A last turn Consume x2 for 10 VPs for me was the decider. Good game, and one where I felt we both got our engines working even in the short time allowed.

Then we played Roll Through the Ages. It was another fast one, with [ profile] sammywol knocking up 5 developments in 5 (maybe 6) turns but no monuments. I managed to grab the Great Wall, but was screwed with disasters again, and had to push my cities into famine on the last round just to get the Great Wall finished. Final score 21-16.
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Last night's Judge Dee game was a bust as two of our players were unable to make it. We instead chatted to [ profile] marzut via Skype and had a nice 'like the old days' sort of rambling conversation.

After [ profile] marzut rang off we had a quick game of TransAmerica just so we could say we did some gaming on Thursday night. It was much as usual, but amazingly I won. Final score: Myles 8, [ profile] sammywol 6, [ profile] alaimacerc 4.

Unfortunately this means I don't have 'loser stays on' privilege in choosing our next game, so we'll all be suffering Funkenschlag again on Sunday.
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We deviated from our semi-regular Wednesday boardgame session last night and played a three-hander of Ticket to Ride: Europe. A tight game with a lot of swearing and frustration in and around Germany & Switzerland. I was short of Locomotive cards throughout, and really should have swallowed my pride and taken one instead of fishing for them from the deck, but I always feel I'm paying over the odds for them that way. As it worked out I only needed (and used) one loco in the whole game, but was I squeezed out of a couple of routes just before I got to them and was forced to spend a station to get into Rome from Marseilles. Sammywol ran out the game on trains but we were all pretty near that point, and it didn't feel like I had lots left to do at the end. One more turn would have been nice, but isn't that always the case?

Final scores were Sammywol 120 (holding 3 stations) Irishkate 110 (holding 3 stations) and my on 103 (holding 2 stations).
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Another Sunday night, another boardgame gets a whirl. We gave [ profile] alaimacerc's Funkenschlag a try-out, if only to make his carting it over to our place worthwhile.

We, as perhaps to be expected, got nowhere near a full game, and just played to 7 connected cities. This still took us about 2 hours as we had a lot of false starts with learning (and applying) the rules. I can't see it ever finishing in two hours for the full game, even if we were far more used to the rules and flow of play.

We chose the USA map, dropped the East Coast and got started. [ profile] irishkate staked out the West Coast, while the rest of us grabbed starting points in the mid-lands and the South. By the luck of the draw, coal was by far the favoured raw material and we drove the price of coal up quickly. Oil stayed cheap throughout however, and would have been a bargain if I'd managed to get a half-decent oil-fired plant.

As we hit 7 cities I was a plank and misunderstood the phase 1 end conditions, thinking that I'd score for all my 7 cities, not remembering that they had to be powered, and I was seduced by a nice wind powered plant that only left me with enough power to run 6 six cities. That was me out of the running.

Final scores were [ profile] irishkate 7 cities powered, $102, [ profile] alaimacerc 7 cities powered, $92, [ profile] mylescorcoran 6 cities powered, $85 and [ profile] sammywol 6 cities powered, $73.

An interesting game but too long for our group, and one that didn't really appeal to either [ profile] sammywol or [ profile] irishkate. I doubt it will get a replay soon. Ah well.
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And I find myself asking: why?

Quote of the night: "It's hidden ovulation all over again. The women have the advantage at reading the men and the men have thousands of years of not having a clue."

However the final scores were [ profile] irishkate 88, [ profile] alaimacerc 77, [ profile] sammywol 74 and me on 69, which means either that Alai has a female brain, or I'm full of shit. Fully half my score came from the final round, and it wasn't enough to pull me up.

This is a crap game. Okay, that's mostly sour grapes. I can see that it's clever and that there are some hard decisions to be made, but I don't think I've ever actually enjoyed a game of ES&R, even on the very rare occasion when I've won. The irony is that I chose the game last night, turning down Union Pacific and Funkenschlag as being too long for the time we had available.
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Well it was a lot of boardgames by our standards. Firstly on Saturday I played a couple of 2-handers with [ profile] sammywol Race for the Galaxy for an easy win for Sam, with 41 (Terrforming Guild 16!) as the Damaged Alien Factory and 31 (New Economy for 10, Free Trade Ass. for 2) for me as the Ancient Race. This was followed by a game of Roll Through the Ages, which was another walkover for Sam, who scored 36 points to my 20 (another 8 pts of disasters!).

On Sunday we got [ profile] alaimacerc in. We played three games in a row, which in retrospect seems like one too many for a school night. Our games were Puerto Rico, Race for the Galaxy and Roll Through the Ages.

Puerto Rico was pretty good. We hadn't played it together for ages, but time had not dulled our skill and we went at it at speed. The craftsman was more commonly picked than I remember us doing for a long while, and the 10 point buildings all got snapped up in short order. I ran out the game on colonists and we scored Sam 45, Myles 43, and [ profile] alaimacerc 23. Not Alai's game, I think, and I was pipped at the post by two points by the once-again victorious Sam.

A theme for the weekend's gaming should be becoming apparent.

Next was Race for the Galaxy. Starting worlds were Alpha Centauri for Alai, Old Earth for Sam, and Doomed World for me. We got kicked off early, with a series of Settles, but I fell behind one beat on Developments. Nonetheless I swapped out the Doomed World for the Lost Species Ark World and I got my Alien Tech Institute and three Alien Windfall worlds down alongside my nice Novelty/Genes engine and I thought I was on for my first victory of the weekend.

However, Sam had other ideas. She stormed forward in the last couple of Development phases, with Galactic Federation and New Economy for a final score of Sam 40, Myles 39 and Alai 23. This despite a healthy extra 6 VP for me in the last Consume 2X phase.

Right! One more game we decided. Roll Through the Ages was brought out and we barrelled through that. Fat chance; final score was Sam 27 (31 -4), Myles 22 (30 - 8) and Alai 11 (25 -14).

Note to self: get Medicine first!

So by my reckoning that was a good weekend's gaming for [ profile] sammywol who won 5 for 5. Nice play, love, but we have to have a rematch soon. :)
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[ profile] sammywol and I played a quick 2-hander of Roll Through the Ages last night. I rushed for seven cities in record time, and still lost, having sacrificed developments and had to settle for the Hanging Gardens instead of the Great Wall. Still it was close: [ profile] sammywol 25 and [ profile] mylescorcoran 23.

In other news, I've taken Monday off work to make a four-day weekend. Yay! I took DD swimming for the first time in ages this morning and my, how she's improved. She's diving in the pool and touching the bottom, swimming like a little torpedo, and generally having a ball in the pool. Good kid!
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[ profile] irishkate got her first exposure to San Juan last night as the four of us played the Puerto Rico-inspired card game.

I managed to pull back a lot with the first time in my memory of making the Triumphal Arch plus all the monuments, but still only got last place. I shudder to think how badly I would have done if I hadn't got the Hero down in the last building round.

Truly crap draws for me pretty much throughout the game. I saw one other 6-pointer, the City Hall, and I drew that in my opening hand and had to burn it just to get production started. Sigh. Sammywol and Alaimacerc managed a more convincing push for victory, with Alaimacerc doing very nicely out of the Aquedcut/Well combo. Irishkate steadily built production and pulled a nice 12 points from a late Guild Hall. She got the idea of the game nicely, perhaps from her Race for the Galaxy experience, and will be even more dangerous next time out.

Final scores were: [ profile] sammywol 37, [ profile] alaimacerc 35 and tie break, [ profile] irishkate 35 and [ profile] mylescorcoran 32.
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It was boardgames again last night, this time without [ profile] alaimacerc, off away at some weekend of drunken boardgaming of his own apparently.

So it was left to us ([ profile] sammywol, [ profile] irishkate and [ profile] mylescorcoran) to play the Sunday night's games. We got out Ticket to Ride: Europe again and managed to fit in a game of Roll Through the Ages afterwards.

TtT:E was fun, with our first recorded 8 length track (and tunnel) from [ profile] sammywol, who bridged the gap between Petrograd and Stockholm with aplomb (and no extra cards needed for her tunnel either: outrageous!)

Final scores were sammywol 121 (including longest route, and -5 for last minute ticket!), irishkate 101 and poor me in last place with 99.

We then got stuck into Roll Through the Ages and managed to get that done in less than an hour, quite sprightly for us I thought. The final score there was quite spread out: irishkate 39, me 30 and sammywol on 20. There was a bit more fighting over monuments in this one and the Great Wall proved a popular choice. Irishkate's Masonry development really clinched that for her and even my Great Pyramid didn't stand a chance against her. She was lucky with the disasters too, which counted for a lot, but not all of her lead. Good game.



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