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Best birthday wishes to [personal profile] curiouswombat and a turkey-free day to all.
location: our new house!
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I'm off work tomorrow to pack. I will be packing on Saturday and Sunday. I've got Monday off too and will pack then. And then?

And then on Wednesday the removals company turns up and moves our stuff to the new house.

Just have to stay sane for a few more days and then it will all be over.

Then the unpacking will start.
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Thanks to [personal profile] gillo and [personal profile] sammywol

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We had [profile] alaimacerc and [personal profile] irishkate round last for a game of Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers. This was the first time in a long time that we'd played C:H&G and [personal profile] irishkate's first exposure to the Carcassonne oeuvre.

As usual the bloody tiles never turned up when we wanted them and I was overcautious about placing my fishing huts. Nonetheless I took an early lead with a great little fishing river that just kept branching.

Alai then pulled ahead, on forests I think, while Sam did very nicely by playing the long game and grabbed one large meadow and secured it with two hunters to Alai's one, and managed to get onto the extensive river system I had a hut on for more points there.

Final scores were Irishkate 71, Alai 74, Myles 83 and Sam 98. Well done Sam! Must play it again soon. I like tile laying and I love the tile artwork.
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Peter Watts had a bloody awful day. Also seen on Boing Boing and James Nicoll's LJ. I'm sending a donation to his legal fund at
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The ongoing business with the new house, the spiralling costs and the long delays in getting things completed, have left me depressed and worried. We'll manage despite the oncoming budget and inevitable drop in income that it will entail, but it's worrying all the same. So this video really cheered me up today (link originally via Radio Lab on WNYC but here via anyoneeverything). Sometimes it's better to look at each moment and let the worries wait.
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I thought I had a lot of tapes to worry about but then I saw the tape library for the Large Hadron Collider.

More generally here are many cool pics of the incredible technology of the LHC.
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Peter Watts speaks his mind (and good sense) on the CRU email leak and surrounding blogosphere typhoon. More here at Real Climate.

Good to see people speaking up for the public recognition of scientists as human like anyone else.
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We had [profile] alaimacerc round last night and played Ticket to Ride: Europe. It was a very north-western sort of game, with very little track laid south or east of Zurich for the first half of the game. I thought I was the winner when clinching the 10-pt longest route bonus to leapfrog over Sam's score, but [profile] alaimacerc pulled a massive 60-something points in tickets and leapfrogged me in turn. Final scores were as close as I've seen - [profile] alaimacerc 116, Myles 114, Sam 112.
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WTF? Up to five (5) years in prison for:

"(1) Every one who

(a) practices or enters into or in any manner agrees or consents to practice or enter into

(i) any form of polygamy, or

(ii) any kind of conjugal union with more than one person at the same time, whether or not it is by law recognized as a binding form of marriage, or

(b) celebrates, assists or is a party to a rite, ceremony, contract or consent that purports to sanction a relationship mentioned in subparagraph (a)(i) or (ii), is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

Evidence in case of polygamy

(2) Where an accused is charged with an offence under this section, no averment or proof of the method by which the alleged relationship was entered into, agreed to or consented to is necessary in the indictment or on the trial of the accused, nor is it necessary on the trial to prove that the persons who are alleged to have entered into the relationship had or intended to have sexual intercourse."

I say again: WTF? I call on all Canadian residents to go out and get married to at least two other people as soon as possible.
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Finally had another Wednesday night gaming session and played Ra the Dice Game. Luck was not with us and many suns were rolled, making for a quick game. Ra smiled on [profile] alaimacerc, however, who won handily aided by a generous Nile. Final scores Alai 49 (about 33 from Nile floods!), Sam & Irishkate 40, Myles 38.
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Rowan and I had a fun exchange while she got ready for bed.

"Who travels through Space and Time wearing a sheet?" Rowan asked.

"Doctor Boo!"

I retaliated with "who travels through Space and Time in a big sticky pot? Doctor Glue!"

Inevitably, after a few further exchanges Rowan hit upon the brown smelly Timelord and we dissolved in giggles.
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This is a beautiful slide show of astronomical images starting with the Pleiades and leapfrogging out to the Hercules cluster of galaxies, and looking back in time from Copernicus to the age of the trilobites.
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Halloween costumes
Originally uploaded by MylesC
We went out trick-or-treating at [personal profile] irishkate's place with both the offspring this time. Rowan remembered the mighty swag to be had and the gloriously over the top decorations on some of the houses in Carrigaline and was excited to flit about in her vampire bat costume (made lovingly by sammywol). Oscar was a little more confused by the whole affair but got into the swing of things, calling out 'nice Halloween' to passers-by and 'good costume' to anyone passing. His opalescent Lurex ghost sheet was a hit and the little blond ghost with the white face and glittering costume attracted plenty of admiring comment.
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I'm having a hell of a time getting the phone account at the new house transferred to our name. Two weeks ago I was told, as we didn't either the account number or the phone number of the (still active) line to the house that I should fax the request to Eircom and provide a contact number for them to follow up on.

Two weeks and I've heard nothing.

I rang today and got the useful information that dialling 199000 from the house phone will let us find out what the phone number is. This worked so I rang Eircom with that number and asked to transfer the account. Can't do that, I need the account number. I don't have that, the executors don't appear to have it either and the woman I spoke at Eircom certainly wasn't going to give it out to me. She did tell me than neither the previous owner nor the executors' names were on the account, so I'm flummoxed as to whom the account actually belongs.

In short I have a working phone that someone else is paying for but I've no obvious way of getting it put in our names, nor getting broadband etc. set up.

I fucking hate Eircom.
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These images are awe-inspiring.
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Apparently Race for the Galaxy is off the playlist because of the AI game turning some of us in RftG sharks, so we turned instead to the ancestor, San Juan, which we played [profile] alaimacerc last night. It was a pretty close game, final scores Sam 34, Alai 32, Myles 30. Alai scored fully half his points from the Guild Hall, which I can't help but think is a wee bit broken. However, Sam managed to win with combination of Chapel, City Hall and good production so the Guild Hall is not unbeatable. If Alai had managed a couple of tobacco in place of his acres of sugar he might have won.
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Dubner and Levitt, the authors of Freakonomics, are just a bit completely wrong on CO2 emissions and favour bonkers geoengineering instead. Well there's a surprise.
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I'm a bit behind on my game reports. I plead a dose of the dreaded lurgy that laid [personal profile] sammywol low. We played cards last Wednesday when our assembled brainpower couldn't decide on a boardgame. We choose Russian Trawlers, as Oh Hell is know in our family. Sam won on 43 points I think, I came second on 40 points, [profile] alaimacerc came third and [personal profile] irishkate fourth, but I'm not sure of their scores. None of us really covered ourselves in glory. Sam was just a bit better at estimating her likely take of tricks, and most of the points in the game came from bids of zero.

Last night we had [profile] alaimacerc round and played Knizia's Res Publica. It's card trading and melding game with a pair of decks representing tribes and technological advances. I'm not normally much cop at it but did alright last night mostly through lucky draws I think. Final scores Myles 37, Sam 33, [profile] alaimacerc 30.
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Sam was feeling poorly last night, a prelude to a bad bout of gastro-enteritis, and retired to bed early. This left me, [profile] alaimacerc and [personal profile] irishkate to play a three hander of Race for the Galaxy. The three of us have been playing a lot of the computer version of the game recently but this was the first face-to-face game in a good while.

I had Galactic Developers, Kate had the Damaged Alien Factory and Alai had Earth's Lost Colony, I think. It was a beauty of a game for me, with a consume/produce cycle that nearly made me weep for the leeching cheesiness of it. I think I was getting 4 cards to my hand just for producing, not to mention bonus cards for Development and Consume phases. Final scores reflectd a certain improvement in play from the AI games I suspect. Myles: 52 (31 from VPs!), IrishKate: 42 and Alai 36.
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It's Blasphemy Day, get you blaspheming tongues to work. Center for Inquiry and the Council for Secular Humanism even have competitions for free expression and top blaspheming. Thanks to the New Humanist for the link.

(Deadline for the blasphemy contest is tomorrow; sorry I'm so late with the link.)
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We had [profile] alaimacerc round last night and played a couple of light games. The first was Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck, AKA Pickomino, which I won with my usual flair, strategic insight and cunning tactical mind. Actually I was a flukey a cheese-meister. Lucky, lucky, lucky, luck, luck, luck. Final scores Sam 4, Alai 2, Myles 15.

As punishment I was nearly forced to play Res Publica, but we plumped for TransAmerica as the least challenging to our poor tired brains. Even that proved too much for us and we bowed to Alai's inevitable victory when light failed and Sam and I were pressed up against the finish rail with something like 8 or 9 spaces between us and Alai. Lady Luck, she is a fickle dame.

We also ate something called Rocky Road from Tescos, which seems to be a sort of chocolate thing in a foil tray with small marshmallows scattered throughout. It was tooth-curlingly sweet. Shudders.
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As last year, I remember Stansilav Petrov and his bravery on this day back in 1983. He risked his career and did not follow Soviet Air Force doctrine that would have led to a nuclear war.

Particularly in light of Dead Hand, which was in the news I read this week.

Thank you, Colonel Petrov.
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I love my tribe, particularly the Canadian contingent. A gang of Edmonton amateur radio and space enthusiasts launched a balloon-borne camera, known as BEAR-4 (Balloon Experiments with Amateur Radio), which reached over 100,000 feet.

As seen at and the BEAR home page.
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Yes, Cluedo. [personal profile] irishkate mentioned that she'd never played it and my wife took it upon herself to correct this terrible gap in IK's childhood memories. We played Cludeo. I won and I was the murderer too. There's definitely something in the water at Cluedo Mansion.
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Best birthday wishes from R'yleh and the fishes. Have a good 'un.
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The SCP Foundation is just a marvelous piece of work. I'm all fired up for a Warehouse 23 game.
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Late to post, but here it is anyway. We had[profile] alaimacerc and [personal profile] irishkate over on Wednesday night for a boardgame session. We played the new Ra the Dice Game by Reiner Knizia, to give [personal profile] irishkate a chance to try it out. What a lot of suns! It was a game with more disasters and 3 point sun scores than before. None of this made much of a difference to me, as Sam and Kate dominated the last epoch scoring. I blame the committee who rolled my first couple of rounds while I was upstairs getting DD back to sleep after she woke a little flustered and upset.

Final scores Myles 32, Alai 38, Sam 45 and Irishkate 46. Well done, that Kate.
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I've been ringing around builders, chopping down the triffids in the garden, making checklists, pulling down ratty old curtains and drinking tea in our new house. It's finally beginning to feel real.

Better yet, with the few days of glorious weather the house seems full of light in the afternoons. It lifts the mood, I can tell you.
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[personal profile] sammywol and I had a two hander of Race for the Galaxy on Saturday. I don't remember the homeworlds we picked, but I did very well with some synergy and a lot genes and alien worlds. Final scores were: Sam 38 Myles 50 including 16 VPs and 18 from 2 6-ptrs (Galactic Exchange and Imperium Lords).

Sam blamed the Race for the Galaxy AI, where you can download a computer game version of RftG and play against the (very competent) computer players and said I've had too much practice. Probably true, but the AI players usually hand me my arse. It's like crack though; I can't stop!

On Sunday we had [profile] alaimacerc over for dinner and played Fzzt! after the kids had gone to bed. It's a new cardgame of building robots from a berzerk conveyor belt that has obviously taken lessons from Dominion as you build and tune a personal deck in the process of play. It took us a while to get the rules clear, partly because like Magic the Gathering back in the day, they were printed on a tiny little rulesbook. Thankfully they weren't as long or complicated as MtG and we managed to get going. It's played with a string of 8 cards in a 'conveyor belt', and you bid for each card in turn in an auction using cards from your hand. One or more cards on the conveyor are revealed ahead of time to give you some idea of what's coming, and you plan accordingly. Cards you win in the auctions are either more robots, used to to win later auctions or production units, used to score points at the end of the game and set aside as you win them.

I think [personal profile] sammywol got the gist of the game quickest, or at least gave that impression. Final scores were Sam 72, Alai 40 and Myles 39. [personal profile] sammywol's robots ruled supreme.
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We played Ticket to Ride: Europe last night with [profile] alaimacerc, with the little tweak that gave everyone two long tickets to choose from. The routes developed a bit of a squeeze around Budapest and in the tangle of tunnels through the Alps, but for the most part there wasn't much in the way of bowbing or competition for lines. What there was was a marked shortage of locomotives for me, with a painfully long streak of no-luck top decking before finally drawing a pair of locos one after another. I really should just learn to bite the bullet and take one of the face up ones, but it seems like such a sign of weakness.

Anyway, on we went and suddenly realised that we were nearly finished when Sam removed the biscuits from on top of her train pile said "I've only eight left." Alai manage to run out his trains first however and took the prize.

Final scores: Alai 127, Sam, 121, Myles 112. It was much closer (and in Sam's favour) until Alai's 3rd recount.
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Alai brought round his copy of Puerto Rico yesterday and we had a three-hander of that old reliable. It was a close game, with two builders (Sam and Alai) doing nicely with their factories, and my shipping strategy doing about as well as I've ever managed. Alai did snap up three of the five 10-point buildings, and grabbed victory, but it was a close run thing. Final scores Alai 56, Myles 54, Sam 48.

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We played a game of Ra the Dice Game last night with [profile] alaimacerc. It's very similar to the original Ra but with the auction element replaced by a roll and keep mechanic strongly reminiscent of Roll Through the Ages (and other Yahtzee-like games).

The components are lovely, though I will have to re-ink the yellow die with black. The white ink doesn't stand out at all against the yellow at the moment.

Much as with the original, we had plenty of swearing when the Ra suns came too quickly, when we got stuck without a civilisation at the end of an epoch and when some other swine grabbed a monument slot we were hoping for. Final scores were Alai 47 (6 monuments), Sam 51 (24 monuments) and Myles 55 (17 monuments). Close game!

I liked it, and it addressed one of the weaknesses of the original Ra where early bidders could be sitting out of an epoch for a good while. With the dice everyone's is in play to the end of each epoch. This one is probably lighter than the original, as the auctions are usually more involved than the dice roll and keep choices, but a nice game all the same.
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Best birthday wishes, [personal profile] antiqueight, and have a good 'un.
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We had [personal profile] irishkate and [profile] alaimacerc round last night and I played Dominion with them while Sam worked on some layout for a newsletter. We played the Village Square set-up, short on attack cards. We obviously manage to get our gold flow right early on and were a little surprised by the early purchasing of provinces. This may have been premature as there was then a pause while we had several rounds without anyone getting the cash together for provinces, and failing to get the combo gold+remodel to grab a province that way. In the end I got the last Province and won the game - Myles 49, Alai 45, Irishkate 34.

Any recommendation for interesting card choices for a new Dominion set-up? We haven't tried the gardens yet, but most everything else has had a go.
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Best birthday wishes. I hope it's a good one.
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We had [profile] alaimacerc round last night for games and we trotted out the old faithful Race for the Galaxy.

Alai had the Rebel Cantina, I had the Doomed World and Sam had the Galactic Developers (boo!) There were words about the random start world draw mechanic but we ploughed on anyway.

Sam got Interstellar Bank down in the first turn, giving her a 2 card leech on every Development round. Alai and I winced.

Sam and Alai both built militaries I got down 2 genes production worlds and a genes windfall world down and the Replicant Robots. Alai and I both had Produce phase leeches (I love the Lost Species Ark World), and I had +3 Trade on a single good so I was pretty card rich. I didn't see any useful 6 point developments, though, apart from the Galactic Bankers which only scored me about 6 points in the end. I saw loads of other 6-pointers but nothing useful. Sam was luckier and had New Galactic Order and Galactic Imperium for a total of 15 bonus points. It should come as no surprise then that Sam won. Final scores were Sam 40 (incl. 15 from NGO+Galactic Imperium), Myles 34 (incl. 6 Galactic Bankers) and Alai 24 (incl. 10 from Terraforming Guild).

I'm increasingly of the mind that Galactic Developers is overpowered as a start world. Certainly compared to Rebel Cantina it is.
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Heisenberg, Goedel and Chomsky walk into a bar. Heisenberg says "This is very odd and improbable, and I wonder if we might be in a joke, but I can't be certain." Goedel says "Well, if we were outside the joke we would know, but since we're inside the joke, there's no way of determining whether or not we're in a joke." And Chomsky says "Of course this is a joke, but you're telling it wrong!"

I'm sorry I've missed WorldCon, particularly the Life and Works of John M Ford panel.
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We had [profile] alaimacerc round last night for games and settled on Ticket to Ride: the Card Game after some discussion. It was quite light on the bowbing and a lot of conservative play, as evidenced by the fact we all made all our tickets and had a fair few cards spare. The final scores were Myles 172, [personal profile] sammywol 122 and [profile] alaimacerc 113.

I think we confirmed that this is not [profile] alaimacerc's game, and it's going back on the shelf for a while. Maybe I should pick up TtR Nordic or Switzerland for a good three player version of TtR? Any recommendations?
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The office dissolved in giggles.



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