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The new shiny in boardgames in our house is Eminent Domain, a card game with a space colonization and conquest gloss. Boardgamegeek's page is here.

We played our first game last night with a three-hander. It took us the to-be-expected age and a half to get a grip on the rules. Much like Race for the Galaxy our first game was a lot longer than it says on the box. I expect future games to be quicker.

Sam seemed to get ahead in the Research action, Alai had the best Produce/Trade engine and I seemed to be ahead with the Colonize action. Despite our impressions during the game no one had an overall lead and it ended in a three-way draw at 30 points apiece. Sam took the game with the tie-breaker due to her sizeable fleet of fighters. Alai placed second on his stack of resources and I took third.

A good game and one I hope to play again soon.
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Back at the beginning of July Alai and I played Lost Cities and I was handed my ass. Final score 37 to 7. Later in July we pulled out Ticket to Ride: Europe and Alai triumphed again. Final score Alai 135,
Myles 113 and Sam 56. So it was with mixed feelings that I trotted out my new acquisition, 7 Wonders recently. I played first in Dublin with Sam and my old friend Ian. Success! Final scores Ian 40, Sam 53 and Myles 62. Emboldened by this victory I pitched the game again Wednesday last when we were back in Cork. Alai dropped over and we played 7 Wonders for the second time. Final scores Alai 41, Sam 49 and Myles 54.

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We played Glory to Rome on Sunday after a longish boardgaming drought. This time we bit the bullet and played the full game with the building powers in effect. Perhaps it should have come with a warning. "Certain card combos may be very powerful or lead to degenerate play."

Sam managed to get a sweet synergy working between her Atrium, Circus Maximus and the Merchant action that meant she salted away a tidy 15 VPs in the vault, while achieving equal first place in buildings on 14 VPs from Influence. Neither Alai nor I could even approach her score.

Final scores were Sam 37, Alai 16, and Myles 14. Ouch!
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A couple of recent games I forgot to post about. The first was Glory to Rome, the building Rome from hands of Whist game, which I won nicely with Myles 10, IK 7, Sam 6 and Alai 3. Not a lot in the vaults in this game, probably because a couple of stone buildings went up in the first turn and absorbed the blue cards for the first half of the game.

The other game was that old reliable Ticket to Ride: Europe. Sam had the hardest time in this, with a combination of short, cramped routes that meant a lot of low scoring lines. Alai did nicely with the longer lines and lucked out on his tickets, keeping and making all three from his only extra tickets draw. I didn't do so well, drawing three useless tickets, keeping one and failing to make even that. Final scores were Alai 66 + 59 = 125, Myles 54+10+40 = 104, and Sam 53 + 50 = 103.
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Played Battle Line with Alai nearly a week ago now, while Sam was hard at work on the EBS newsletter.

After some (re-)familiarizing ourselves with the rules we got stuck in, and soon had most of the flags under contention. I forgot the rule about playing no more than one Tactics card more than your opponent, but despite that, and drawing some very nice Tactics cards to boot, I got my ass handed to me in the end. The final score was 5-2 in Alai's favour.

Nice game though, with hard decisions in the classic Knizia style, and lovely components from GMT. Unfortunately the lovely components include cards printed on such heavy stock that riffle shuffling is almost impossible. It will have to be the smush 'em about in a heap method next time.
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Late with the report from Sunday two weekends ago, but three of the usual suspects got together and played the new boardgame Revolution from Steve Jackson Games. It's an area majority and blind bidding game where you dole out your bids (force, blackmail and gold) secretly to up to six of the 12 upstanding or not so upstanding individuals in the town and secure their support in the coming revolution. Force beats any amount of blackmail, and blackmail trumps gold in the same fashion. Your starting tokens (one force, one blackmail and three gold) aren't guaranteed in the second and subsequent rounds. The people you strongarm, blackmail or bribe provide tokens for the next round as well as influence in one of the board's seven areas, and a certain amount of 'support', the game's actual victory points.

So we got stuck in without too much difficulty and cursed our groupthink when we bid on the same roles (ties are discarded), and giggled happily when we outbid the others or snapped up a good role for a song. The endgame did seem to be a bit prone to kingmaking and sudden reversals of position, but I enjoyed it. Of course that may have been because I won. Final scores: Myles 182, Sam 162 and Alai 121.
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We played a game of Carcassonne Hunters & Gatherers with Alai on Sunday evening. It was about the most patchy board I've seen, with many more voids than normal and long tendrils of wood and meadow spreading out in all directions.

Sam was rather screwed by a meadow passing to Alai when he pulled the shrine tile, and new meadow opportunities didn't really ever approach that meadow she lost. Lots of rivers scored and some respectable fishing huts for once.

Final scores: Alai 136, Myles 127, Sam 93.
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Had the gang round on Wednesday night for boardgames, and after much faffing about on my part we settled on Bohnanza. Played quite quickly, lots of good trades, and those bloody garden beans moved around a lot. Final scores were Alai 15, Kate 15, Myles 16 and Sam the victor with 18.
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We played Dirk Henn's Atlantic Star last night with Kate and Alai. It's a set collection game with a ocean cruise theme. Each round you decide to take a card or play a set. The card choice of one of four face-up cards, with rising prices the further 'up the chain' they are. You can also pay to sweep all the cards. There's a conversion of the values of the cards into victory points depending on where you place your completed set on a grid and the score of that particular set (a cruise).

I found the game extremely frustrating, with each round's play essentially unimportant to me until it became my turn, as the other players' actions (choosing cards and sweeping the cards) meant that I couldn't really plan on having any given card available to me. The additional restriction of a varying hand-size limit depending on which cruise you were attempting combined with sometimes painful randomness of the cards coming up just left me cold.

As you can see from the scores, I did abysmally and that certainly coloured my feelings about the game. It's hard to be objective as I didn't ever feel I had a chance to win. The game play seemed to be continuous rounds of disappointment as needed cards disappeared and draws failed to provide the needed replacements.

Final scores: Alai 54, Sam 46, Kate 35 and Myles 18, and that with Alai managing to confuse one cruise for another and being forced into a cost-ineffective incomplete set for one of the cruises.
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We had Alai and Kate round on Sunday night and pulled out Attika to give it a go with four players. Sam got off to a poor start but caught up nicely. We had lots of blocking and all the land tiles were out, and it went down to the wire in the last round.

I won by building out, but Sam closely behind with three streets ready to finish on the turn. Kate was a turn behind due to a shortage of cards.

Good game, especially for me obviously.
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We had a real gang of friends round to play boardgames last night. Ivan, Suzanna, Irene and Ian were down from Dublin, and we met them in Fota for picnic during the day. A good time was had by all I think.

In the evening after the kids were off to bed Ivan, Irene and Ian dropped round to join Alai and Kate to make a total of seven for games. I scratched my head and poked around until I found Incan Gold, which plays up to 8.

After explaining the rules and making our tents we got down to play. Quickly Sam established a pattern of cautious play, making for the exit once a reasonable number of points were available. This was only partly because of her dramatic reaction to the revelation of the Snake cards. The first game ended Myles 24, Kate 22, Ian 21, Sam 18 and Alai, Irene and Ivan all on 14.

The second game was initially lower scoring, with piles of hazard cards coming out early, but the artifacts were more plentiful later on and the final scores were Alex 31, Sam 25, Ivan 21, Ian 17, Irene 17, Kate 15 and Myles a pitiful 13.

Good fast games, made better by lively table talk and poor Pedro the bearer, who in our stories ended up set on fire, turned into zombie, trapped in a landslide and eaten by spiders.
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Last Sunday we pulled out Attika for a second game before our memories of the rules faded. We set up without problems and got rolling with a rather uneven starting draw. Both Alai and I drew our capitals as our first black tile while Sam was without Thebes until she reached the bottom of her stack.

We played more defensively this time, blocking with each shrine with our buildings as best we could. The additional land gave me a run for Sam's shrine but I wasn't able to bridge the gap and Sam blocked me easily. Then Alai placed land allowing for a run for my shrine. I couldn't stop him, nor could Sam. I think now I should have defended my shrine with land tile rather than reach for Sam's shrine with it but them's the breaks.

Good game, and over in about an hour. I must try the 2-hander with Sam.
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We had [profile] alaimacerc round last night to play Attika last night, the first outing for that game at our table in several years. We caught up with the rules without too much trouble and got down to playing tiles and giving out about the shortage of water in good time.

The initial (over-)analysis didn't last too long and we got into the swing of things without too much trouble. Sam and Alai both started off close to a shrine and built out from there. I ended up in between to take advantage of resources on the map and lost the momentum for the shrine connecting race early only to recoup somewhat as I got my capital, Athens, down as a second settlement before either Sparta or Corinth made an appearance.

The placing of extra land was my undoing however, as I mistimed the new expansions land so that they benefitted the other players more than myself and I was left short of cards to block a double run for the shrine behind Athens. I managed to block Alai twice, but Sam's snakey-sneaky buildings from Sparta just managed to connect and won her the game.

Good fun game, though, and I'd like to play it again before my memory fades.
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We had Alai round on Wednesday with his copy of San Marco. We reminded ourselves of the rules and got stuck in, with tea and cake to fortify ourselves against the upcoming banishments.

The game seemed rather one-sided, and I took an early lead that never really looked threatened as we played through the three passages of Doge round the city. I like the 'I divide, you choose' mechanic, but it did seem to engender some bitter comment, probably not helped by my romping home quite so resoundingly.

Final scores were Myles 64, Sam 44 and Alai 37.

Haven't played El Grande or Wongar in years. I wonder how they hold up in comparison to this one.
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Sunday night boardgaming was Ticket to Ride: Europre with Alaimacerc. For some reason we seemed to mostly start in Iberia. This prompted early track laying and a unwanted detour through Marseilles for me. We all stuck together working our way up through France but split up at Berlin or thereabouts for different destinations. As I was aiming for somewhere in the Baltic I kept going. I was sure I was going to win until quite late into the game when I spent trains on a 7-pt track I didn't need to and left myself short of a ticket later on, costing me 12 points. A late grab for tickets was painfully crap and I only made one, that needing a station to complete and all.

Final scores were: Myles 109, Alai 118, Sam 125. Sam and Alai made 51 and 52 in tickets respectively, I made 28. Grr.
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After a long break from Wednesday night boardgames with the Gang of Four, [personal profile] irishkate was back in Cork to join [profile] alaimacerc and us for a game of Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers.

It was a fairly lacy board by the end, with more voids than I'm used to. Lots of complaints about damn tiles, blocking moves and so on, and the luck of draw did seem to be fickle.

Final scores Alai 70, Sam 85, Irishkate 99 and Myles 112. Yay me!
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For the first time in a good while we had [profile] alaimacerc round on for Sunday night boardgaming. We played Trias, the little dinosaurs and break-up of Pangea game. Pangea certainly broke up, with the central continent fairly quickly separating into several mid-sized landmasses and a couple of tiddlers. Sam took sole possession of a pair of 5 or 6 hex continents that ended up connected, while we all fought over two other larger masses. In the end game I was sidelined on both, ending up in second place one and swimming desperately to joint first place on another. Final scores were Sam 31, Myles 29 and Alai 24.
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The last couple of Sundays we played TransAmerica and Ticket to Ride: Europe with [profile] alaimacerc. I won the TransAmerica handily, more or less by pure luck.

The TtR:E game was more interesting, with a bit of a struggle in and around Berlin, and crappy tickets for all three of us. Sam managed a nice network out of the Balkans and took the longest route bonus easily. Alai was royally shafted by his tickets, unfortunately.

Final scores were Alai 71 (including -23 missing tickets), Myles 104 (45 in tickets) and Sam 118 (38 in tickets + 10 for longest route).
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Had [profile] alaimacerc round on Sunday for curry and boardgames. He made the slog through the snow and slush so we broke out my new copy of Puerto Rico, a Christmas present from my wife.

It was a heavy shipping game, with surprisingly weak building from me and Alai. We ran out the VPs to end the game. Final scores were Alai 28vp+18bldg = 46, Myles 37vp+19bldg = 56, Sam 26vp+31bldg = 57! Sam was the only one to get any of the 4-pt building manned, which netted her 13 points. Pipped at the post, but a nicely close game in the end.
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We had [profile] alaimacerc and [personal profile] irishkate round last for a game of Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers. This was the first time in a long time that we'd played C:H&G and [personal profile] irishkate's first exposure to the Carcassonne oeuvre.

As usual the bloody tiles never turned up when we wanted them and I was overcautious about placing my fishing huts. Nonetheless I took an early lead with a great little fishing river that just kept branching.

Alai then pulled ahead, on forests I think, while Sam did very nicely by playing the long game and grabbed one large meadow and secured it with two hunters to Alai's one, and managed to get onto the extensive river system I had a hut on for more points there.

Final scores were Irishkate 71, Alai 74, Myles 83 and Sam 98. Well done Sam! Must play it again soon. I like tile laying and I love the tile artwork.
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We had [profile] alaimacerc round last night and played Ticket to Ride: Europe. It was a very north-western sort of game, with very little track laid south or east of Zurich for the first half of the game. I thought I was the winner when clinching the 10-pt longest route bonus to leapfrog over Sam's score, but [profile] alaimacerc pulled a massive 60-something points in tickets and leapfrogged me in turn. Final scores were as close as I've seen - [profile] alaimacerc 116, Myles 114, Sam 112.
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Finally had another Wednesday night gaming session and played Ra the Dice Game. Luck was not with us and many suns were rolled, making for a quick game. Ra smiled on [profile] alaimacerc, however, who won handily aided by a generous Nile. Final scores Alai 49 (about 33 from Nile floods!), Sam & Irishkate 40, Myles 38.
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Apparently Race for the Galaxy is off the playlist because of the AI game turning some of us in RftG sharks, so we turned instead to the ancestor, San Juan, which we played [profile] alaimacerc last night. It was a pretty close game, final scores Sam 34, Alai 32, Myles 30. Alai scored fully half his points from the Guild Hall, which I can't help but think is a wee bit broken. However, Sam managed to win with combination of Chapel, City Hall and good production so the Guild Hall is not unbeatable. If Alai had managed a couple of tobacco in place of his acres of sugar he might have won.
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I'm a bit behind on my game reports. I plead a dose of the dreaded lurgy that laid [personal profile] sammywol low. We played cards last Wednesday when our assembled brainpower couldn't decide on a boardgame. We choose Russian Trawlers, as Oh Hell is know in our family. Sam won on 43 points I think, I came second on 40 points, [profile] alaimacerc came third and [personal profile] irishkate fourth, but I'm not sure of their scores. None of us really covered ourselves in glory. Sam was just a bit better at estimating her likely take of tricks, and most of the points in the game came from bids of zero.

Last night we had [profile] alaimacerc round and played Knizia's Res Publica. It's card trading and melding game with a pair of decks representing tribes and technological advances. I'm not normally much cop at it but did alright last night mostly through lucky draws I think. Final scores Myles 37, Sam 33, [profile] alaimacerc 30.
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Sam was feeling poorly last night, a prelude to a bad bout of gastro-enteritis, and retired to bed early. This left me, [profile] alaimacerc and [personal profile] irishkate to play a three hander of Race for the Galaxy. The three of us have been playing a lot of the computer version of the game recently but this was the first face-to-face game in a good while.

I had Galactic Developers, Kate had the Damaged Alien Factory and Alai had Earth's Lost Colony, I think. It was a beauty of a game for me, with a consume/produce cycle that nearly made me weep for the leeching cheesiness of it. I think I was getting 4 cards to my hand just for producing, not to mention bonus cards for Development and Consume phases. Final scores reflectd a certain improvement in play from the AI games I suspect. Myles: 52 (31 from VPs!), IrishKate: 42 and Alai 36.
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We had [profile] alaimacerc round last night and played a couple of light games. The first was Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck, AKA Pickomino, which I won with my usual flair, strategic insight and cunning tactical mind. Actually I was a flukey a cheese-meister. Lucky, lucky, lucky, luck, luck, luck. Final scores Sam 4, Alai 2, Myles 15.

As punishment I was nearly forced to play Res Publica, but we plumped for TransAmerica as the least challenging to our poor tired brains. Even that proved too much for us and we bowed to Alai's inevitable victory when light failed and Sam and I were pressed up against the finish rail with something like 8 or 9 spaces between us and Alai. Lady Luck, she is a fickle dame.

We also ate something called Rocky Road from Tescos, which seems to be a sort of chocolate thing in a foil tray with small marshmallows scattered throughout. It was tooth-curlingly sweet. Shudders.
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Yes, Cluedo. [personal profile] irishkate mentioned that she'd never played it and my wife took it upon herself to correct this terrible gap in IK's childhood memories. We played Cludeo. I won and I was the murderer too. There's definitely something in the water at Cluedo Mansion.
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Late to post, but here it is anyway. We had[profile] alaimacerc and [personal profile] irishkate over on Wednesday night for a boardgame session. We played the new Ra the Dice Game by Reiner Knizia, to give [personal profile] irishkate a chance to try it out. What a lot of suns! It was a game with more disasters and 3 point sun scores than before. None of this made much of a difference to me, as Sam and Kate dominated the last epoch scoring. I blame the committee who rolled my first couple of rounds while I was upstairs getting DD back to sleep after she woke a little flustered and upset.

Final scores Myles 32, Alai 38, Sam 45 and Irishkate 46. Well done, that Kate.
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[personal profile] sammywol and I had a two hander of Race for the Galaxy on Saturday. I don't remember the homeworlds we picked, but I did very well with some synergy and a lot genes and alien worlds. Final scores were: Sam 38 Myles 50 including 16 VPs and 18 from 2 6-ptrs (Galactic Exchange and Imperium Lords).

Sam blamed the Race for the Galaxy AI, where you can download a computer game version of RftG and play against the (very competent) computer players and said I've had too much practice. Probably true, but the AI players usually hand me my arse. It's like crack though; I can't stop!

On Sunday we had [profile] alaimacerc over for dinner and played Fzzt! after the kids had gone to bed. It's a new cardgame of building robots from a berzerk conveyor belt that has obviously taken lessons from Dominion as you build and tune a personal deck in the process of play. It took us a while to get the rules clear, partly because like Magic the Gathering back in the day, they were printed on a tiny little rulesbook. Thankfully they weren't as long or complicated as MtG and we managed to get going. It's played with a string of 8 cards in a 'conveyor belt', and you bid for each card in turn in an auction using cards from your hand. One or more cards on the conveyor are revealed ahead of time to give you some idea of what's coming, and you plan accordingly. Cards you win in the auctions are either more robots, used to to win later auctions or production units, used to score points at the end of the game and set aside as you win them.

I think [personal profile] sammywol got the gist of the game quickest, or at least gave that impression. Final scores were Sam 72, Alai 40 and Myles 39. [personal profile] sammywol's robots ruled supreme.
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We played Ticket to Ride: Europe last night with [profile] alaimacerc, with the little tweak that gave everyone two long tickets to choose from. The routes developed a bit of a squeeze around Budapest and in the tangle of tunnels through the Alps, but for the most part there wasn't much in the way of bowbing or competition for lines. What there was was a marked shortage of locomotives for me, with a painfully long streak of no-luck top decking before finally drawing a pair of locos one after another. I really should just learn to bite the bullet and take one of the face up ones, but it seems like such a sign of weakness.

Anyway, on we went and suddenly realised that we were nearly finished when Sam removed the biscuits from on top of her train pile said "I've only eight left." Alai manage to run out his trains first however and took the prize.

Final scores: Alai 127, Sam, 121, Myles 112. It was much closer (and in Sam's favour) until Alai's 3rd recount.
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Alai brought round his copy of Puerto Rico yesterday and we had a three-hander of that old reliable. It was a close game, with two builders (Sam and Alai) doing nicely with their factories, and my shipping strategy doing about as well as I've ever managed. Alai did snap up three of the five 10-point buildings, and grabbed victory, but it was a close run thing. Final scores Alai 56, Myles 54, Sam 48.

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We played a game of Ra the Dice Game last night with [profile] alaimacerc. It's very similar to the original Ra but with the auction element replaced by a roll and keep mechanic strongly reminiscent of Roll Through the Ages (and other Yahtzee-like games).

The components are lovely, though I will have to re-ink the yellow die with black. The white ink doesn't stand out at all against the yellow at the moment.

Much as with the original, we had plenty of swearing when the Ra suns came too quickly, when we got stuck without a civilisation at the end of an epoch and when some other swine grabbed a monument slot we were hoping for. Final scores were Alai 47 (6 monuments), Sam 51 (24 monuments) and Myles 55 (17 monuments). Close game!

I liked it, and it addressed one of the weaknesses of the original Ra where early bidders could be sitting out of an epoch for a good while. With the dice everyone's is in play to the end of each epoch. This one is probably lighter than the original, as the auctions are usually more involved than the dice roll and keep choices, but a nice game all the same.
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We had [personal profile] irishkate and [profile] alaimacerc round last night and I played Dominion with them while Sam worked on some layout for a newsletter. We played the Village Square set-up, short on attack cards. We obviously manage to get our gold flow right early on and were a little surprised by the early purchasing of provinces. This may have been premature as there was then a pause while we had several rounds without anyone getting the cash together for provinces, and failing to get the combo gold+remodel to grab a province that way. In the end I got the last Province and won the game - Myles 49, Alai 45, Irishkate 34.

Any recommendation for interesting card choices for a new Dominion set-up? We haven't tried the gardens yet, but most everything else has had a go.
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We had [profile] alaimacerc round last night for games and we trotted out the old faithful Race for the Galaxy.

Alai had the Rebel Cantina, I had the Doomed World and Sam had the Galactic Developers (boo!) There were words about the random start world draw mechanic but we ploughed on anyway.

Sam got Interstellar Bank down in the first turn, giving her a 2 card leech on every Development round. Alai and I winced.

Sam and Alai both built militaries I got down 2 genes production worlds and a genes windfall world down and the Replicant Robots. Alai and I both had Produce phase leeches (I love the Lost Species Ark World), and I had +3 Trade on a single good so I was pretty card rich. I didn't see any useful 6 point developments, though, apart from the Galactic Bankers which only scored me about 6 points in the end. I saw loads of other 6-pointers but nothing useful. Sam was luckier and had New Galactic Order and Galactic Imperium for a total of 15 bonus points. It should come as no surprise then that Sam won. Final scores were Sam 40 (incl. 15 from NGO+Galactic Imperium), Myles 34 (incl. 6 Galactic Bankers) and Alai 24 (incl. 10 from Terraforming Guild).

I'm increasingly of the mind that Galactic Developers is overpowered as a start world. Certainly compared to Rebel Cantina it is.
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We had [profile] alaimacerc round last night for games and settled on Ticket to Ride: the Card Game after some discussion. It was quite light on the bowbing and a lot of conservative play, as evidenced by the fact we all made all our tickets and had a fair few cards spare. The final scores were Myles 172, [personal profile] sammywol 122 and [profile] alaimacerc 113.

I think we confirmed that this is not [profile] alaimacerc's game, and it's going back on the shelf for a while. Maybe I should pick up TtR Nordic or Switzerland for a good three player version of TtR? Any recommendations?
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We had the usual suspects round on Sunday night for a couple of games. We reversed the usual habit and started with TransAmerica which went as expected with final scores [profile] alaimacerc 10, [personal profile] irishkate 8, Myles 6 and [personal profile] sammywol 4. I seemed to have three hands of 4 good to great towns and one absolute bastard of a town that proved my downfall in each case.

After that we hummed and hawed a bit and finally decided to play Race for the Galaxy as it wasn't Dominion. The starting line up there was Alai with Earth's Lost Colony, IK with Ancient Race, Sam with the Separatist Colony and me with the Imperium Warlord (who was new to me).

Not through any great plan, but having a couple of +1 Military cards in my hand I headed for a Military strategy. This was fortunate as I fluked (and worked towards to be fair) into a couple of more Military points and then managed to get the Alien Monolith down with the Space Mercenaries paying their way.

We all managed to get the 12 (or 13 cards) down I think and the final scores were Myles 51 (including 10 from Alien Tech Institute), Sam 37 (including 17 from Terraforming Guild and New Galactic Order), IK 33 (18 from Imperium Seat and the other Imperium 6-pointer) and Alai on 33 (14 from Trade League and New Economy). Third place tie-break went to Irishkate on cards and goods in hand. High scoring game, especially for me!
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We played a relatively quick game of Race for the Galaxy last night with [profile] alaimacerc. Homeworlds were Galactic Developers for Alai, Epsilon Eridani for [personal profile] sammywol and Old Earth for me. With the Galactic Developers out, and Alai getting down Investment Credits in the first turn it was always destined to be a Development heavy game, which didn't suit my Consume strategy too well. I managed to catch up a bit in the mid- to end game with the 6-pt development that gives you points for having one of each colour of world and a spread of exactly one of each kind of world but it wasn't enough to overcome the power of the combo power of Alai's Galactic Developers, Investment Credits and Terraforming Robots, which gave him handy bonuses on both Develop and Settle phases. The Galactic Federation was the icing on his cake at the end. Sam suffered from not getting any useful 6-pt developments out, which hurt her score. The final scores were a convincing Alai 35, Myles 29 and Sam 21.

To ease the sting of that defeat we played a quick game of Roll Through the Ages. What a disaster! Or rather what a load of disasters. I don't remember seeing a game with quite so many droughts, famines, invasions and pestilences before. My poor people were starving most of the way through the game and even the distraction of (part-)building the Great Pyramid didn't keep them happy. Final scores were a bipolar Alai 28, Myles 17 and Sam 16.

Alai now has to promise to lose miserably at the next game or he won't get any more almond fingers.
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We dragged out Dominion last night and gave it another go. Still slow, partly from lack of practice I suspect, partly from putting in more analysis than the game warrants perhaps. We chose the 'interaction' card set, and had plenty of spies, thieves and militia related fun. We soon ran out of moats too. [profile] alaimacerc seemed to have the lion's share of villages and played a very [personal profile] irishkate style game with long chains of actions before buying anything. I tried mostly just to build up cash and spend it. I'm not sure what [personal profile] sammywol's strategy was but it seemed to work. Miracle of miracles, [personal profile] sammywol kicked our arses. Final scores were [personal profile] sammywol 46, [personal profile] mylescorcoran 38 and[profile] alaimacerc 30.

I'm not sure if this game did anything for Alai's opinion of Dominion but I hope it's mellowed Sam's somewhat.
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[profile] alaimacerc, [personal profile] sammywol and I played RftG last night after a slow start and much chatting. Homeworlds were Dooooomed World for me (Doooomed I tell you!), Damaged Alien Factory for Alai and Ancient Race for Sammywol.

We got stuck in and pretty soon Sammywol was Developing every turn. She had Instellar Bank, Galactic Developers, Public Works and I think one other Development power and really had a powerhouse going. Alai grew a respectable military but didn't get any of the 6-pt developments that really give big points for military power, while I got a reasonably good rare elements production engine going with a little novelty on the side. Improved Logistics helped me keep up a little with the heavy Development bias as I didn't draw many usuable developments.

Final scores were Sammywol 42, Alai 33 (plus 4 cards) and Myles 33 (plus 3 cards). Close run for second place to Alai, and a very convincing win for Sammywol. Nice game!
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We persuaded [profile] alaimacerc to bring over Ticket to Ride: America last night and played a three-hander. It went fairly well until we suddenly fell into a bottle neck at Calgary and all hell broke loose. I blinked first and started the panic after Alai built in from Winnepeg. That meant Sam had to build too, and I lost my nerve and spent three locos over two turns to force my way on down to Seattle.

This screwed Sam royally, which was not my intention, but it rather ruined the game for her as she was thereby locked out of her New York-Seattle route.

Final scores weren't recorded particularly closely but I think it was [profile] alaimacerc 136, me 101 and Sam on 55. A station! A station! My kingdom (or at least a jammy dodger) for a station!
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