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Those who know me know I like trees. Wired has a piece on the oldest trees on the planet that is both beautiful and awe-inspiring.
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Great few days. Flat tyre, 6-year-old suddenly teenaged in her sulkiness, leaking dishwasher, repaired tyre flat again, and a baby boy up and wide awake at 5.15am.

I need a fucking break.
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I'm 40 today.

In keeping with tradition there'll be brownies courtesy of my mother and an open house this afternoon for friends free to drop by and celebrate.

My 40th year seems to have been something of a placeholder. I can't pinpoint any personal highlights really; most of my fondest memories are successes and milestones for my kids.

Well that's not entirely true. I did manage to hit 100 consecutive zines for Alarums & Excursions and was proud of that. I wonder if the general sense of depression from the global recession has coloured my outlook of late.

My 41st year looks to include a big house move as part of the excitement. I'm hoping that goes smoothly but it's best not to hold your breath in such matters, particularly before we've even had the engineers' report on the structure.

I haven't made any New Year's resolutions. I'm not that responsive to them, but I do plan to change a couple of things over the course of the year.

I've always thought of myself as a reader but in the last year I've really been distracted by teh Shiny Internet etc. and failed to read anything like a satisfying number of books. So more reading is definitely required.

The other thing, likely as aspirational as any other year, is health and weight. Hmm. we'll see.

And now toast, as made for me by my daughter. See? 2009 is looking good already
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It's ten years ago today that [ profile] sammywol and I signed the paper in the registry office in Cork and were married. We tend to celebrate by preference the 19th of September which is the anniversary of our wedding celebration and the exchange of vows before our families and friends. Which is handy given the acts of some mad bastards on our official anniversary in 2001.

Anyway, ten years. Wow. It seems a long time when I see it written down but it doesn't seem all that long in memory. Which is strange as my long-term memory is highly selective and stuff twenty years ago is all a blur, making 10 years half a (dimly-recalled) lifetime.

So. Happy anniversary [ profile] sammywol. I love you, and it's been a fulfilling ten years. I won't say unforgettable, as my head's a sieve, but I hope for many more decades for me to cherish and forget in your company.
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Arr and all that. [ profile] sammywol and I are nine years married this very day, and we've hardly sunk a Spanish galleon in all that time. (That one incident of Jamaica hardly counts.)

Here's to the next 81 years!
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Now I'll go have a little lie down.

Just been to vote in the Dail election. Not confident we'll change the
buggers in the Dail but worth a try.

It's nice that the ballot paper is full colour these days with little
thumbnails of all the candidates. It almost looks like an LJ froendslist,
only I wouldn't friend some of those jokers in a fit.
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Five pages written and off to Lee this morning for Alarums & Excursions #381. I'm a little disappointed with my Tudor Talents write-up as I found it very difficult to make much sense from my notes of the game. It is over three years now since we played that session, to be fair, but I wish I'd made better notes at the time. A lesson to us all, obviously.

I am glad, however, that I did manage to get something written. It's been not exactly hectic at home, but both [ profile] sammywol and I would agree that it seems hard to sit down and actually get anything done at the moment.
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I was in Fitzgerald Park today with my daughter Rowan, pushing her on the swing like the good daddy automaton I am, when a group of young adults went by. They were all dressed pretty formally, mostly dark shades, muted greys and blacks. The fellows were in suits, the lasses in evening wear. This was notable as the day has been glorious, full of splintering spring sunshine and refreshing gusty winds.

These kids were definitely on the goth side of life, tousled black hair, angsty expressions and the like. Imagine my surprise when they all trooped over to the ice cream van parked by the playground and dutifully queue to buy enormous whipped ice cream in cones, joking and giggling in the queue as they waited.

I love happy goths.
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Fired with an urge to walk at lunchtime and inspired by Map My Run, a website that lets me see how far I've walked around the city (or wherever), I dashed out just now all ready to stomp my way around Fitzgerald Park and the UCC campus grounds. By the time I'd reached the Western Road (about 3 minutes away from my office building) it was pouring hail on my head.

Good intentions be damned. Tomorrow is time enough.

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My brother and his wife are down for a visit, taking the opportunity meet their nephew Oscar for the first time and touching base with Rowan and us at the same time. Sleeping arrangements are a little complicated for us with six in a two bedroom house, but we managed, even if it did mean Rowan coming in to our bed at 6.15am saying "Eoin woke me up because he snores but that's okay because he can't help it." Okay for you, maybe, daughter, but more Gah! for me.

Anyway, it's good to see some of the family and today we're going out into Cork to do family things. This will probably include a trip to the library and to the English Market, as books and food are life, basically.
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Arr my hearties, 'tis the 19th day of September, a day dear to my heart and tripes. For 'tis the day when I, eight years back now, did splice my lanyard to that of my goodly wife, [ profile] sammywol. We've been sailing the seas ever since, sometimes before the mast, sometimes below decks in the Capt'n's cabin (ay, saucy, I know), but always with a laugh, a song and a barrelful of some reasonably priced caribbean rum.

Arrrr, etc.



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