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Rowan takes gold!
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My clever (wonderful, bendy, focused) daughter won her first gymnastics competition today. It was a club competition only, but I'm still fiercely proud of her. Not just for coming first, but for the practice she put in and the focus that made her practice until she was happy with her performance.

Well done, love. You deserve your medal.
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Rowan and I had a fun exchange while she got ready for bed.

"Who travels through Space and Time wearing a sheet?" Rowan asked.

"Doctor Boo!"

I retaliated with "who travels through Space and Time in a big sticky pot? Doctor Glue!"

Inevitably, after a few further exchanges Rowan hit upon the brown smelly Timelord and we dissolved in giggles.
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Halloween costumes
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We went out trick-or-treating at [personal profile] irishkate's place with both the offspring this time. Rowan remembered the mighty swag to be had and the gloriously over the top decorations on some of the houses in Carrigaline and was excited to flit about in her vampire bat costume (made lovingly by sammywol). Oscar was a little more confused by the whole affair but got into the swing of things, calling out 'nice Halloween' to passers-by and 'good costume' to anyone passing. His opalescent Lurex ghost sheet was a hit and the little blond ghost with the white face and glittering costume attracted plenty of admiring comment.
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From October 2008

It's time for dressing up at my daughter's school, as they have their Halloween party before next week's mid-term break. She's gone dressed as a devil ('a fire fairy!' she insists) and the school yard this morning was full of ghosts, witches, skeletons, axe murderers and one Dalek.
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Heading up the road today with all the family we passed an eldery man at his gate. He spoke to Rowan.

'Are you a princess?'

'Sometimes,' she replied.

'Well, you're very beautiful,' he said.

Quick as a heartbeat Rowan shot back, 'you're not so bad youself.'

Queue parental giggles.
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Please note the new user icon, courtesy of my daughter Rowan and her ninja-drawing skills. Thanks, Rowan!
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Avid readers of [ profile] sammywol will know already from this post, but I felt I should keep my friends-list up to date.

My daughter Rowan has had pains on and off in her arms and knees for several months and the GP and specialist have decided it the most likely diagnosis is polyarticulate juvenile arthritis. This is a bit worrying partly because it's one of those conditions that doesn't seem to have any single underlying cause that you can treat, partly because, well, just because we're parents and we worry.

Most of the time Rowan doesn't seem to have any problems; she's active and pain-free. Sometimes she has pains and aches which unfortunately don't respond particularly well to the NSAIDs (ibuprofen for the most part). A couple of times she's had difficulty getting started in the mornings from stiffness, though of course I have that to and blame the prospect of having to face work.

Anyway, investigations are ongoing, and it's early days. Most of the stuff I've read about it suggests that she'll be find as long as we get regular check-ups and a variety of treatments (drug and non-drug like physio, school support and so on).

So now you know.

More upbeat - new pics up at our Picasa gallery.

(ETA: Thanks to [ profile] doc_mystery for the JRA link (and others) provided above.)
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Apologies for friends common to [ profile] sammywol's friendlist, but I have to point everyone to this entry wherein my daughter Rowan proves her musical and monster slaying talents.
Music:: Rowan's Monster Song
Mood:: giggly
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I'm 39 today. This is the first birthday in several years I've not spent in Dublin so unfortunately I won't be having the usual get-together with friends at my mother's place. I'm sure anyone really missing them could ring my mother and ask her to make the traditional brownies anyway.

Instead for this birthday I'm in my wife's parents' place and my father-in-law has just brought me an early morning cup of tea. I'm watching Rowan make (and remake) a house of cards. She is discovering the frustrations of building with cards but showing a admirable persistence in the face of the usual setback when building in such unhelpful materials.

I think it would go better if she tucked her pyjama top into her trousers to stop it brushing against her construction when she leans forward. There have been more tears and heartache than any three episodes of Grand Designs already.

I haven't done a New Year's resolutions post. It would be the usual - read more, eat less, make changes I'm unlikely to follow through. I hope to do these things, but I think I need a better prod than the turning of the year to make them happen. I'll think about what might work and report back, okay?

So another older and an eventful year behind me. Last year started with medical matters when I underwent surgery for an overactive parathyroid gland; let's hope this year involves less hospital time and illness all round.

I didn't read as much as I would like, but I did more roleplaying than anytime since I left high school. In the process I've made friends, or become better friends, with some excellent trans-Atlantic folk.

Last year my son Oscar was born and much of the year has revolved around my children and my constant amazement at their growing up. Sleepness nights notwithstanding it's a brilliant, confusing, unmissable thing to be caught up in.

e.g. Rowan just stood up from her beadwork, the house of cards completed after some setbacks, and said 'now I'm going to sing Happy Birthday to you' and burst into song.

I'm smiling, in case you couldn't guess.
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I'm waiting in the car outside Rowan's school. At 1.30 I'll collect her and return to work for the hand off to Sam, who is currently holding a consultation hour in college for her students.

I'm listening to a mix of David Sylvian on the iPod and the gentle snores of boychild in the car-seat behind me. They combine surprisingly well.

Back at work I've fiddly stuff to do with a user who wants Blackberry service but doesn't want a Blackberry. He's got a shiny new Nokia e90 that's much nicer, it seems. More of a pain to get working too. Sigh.

Christmas hols are coming. Just keep focused on that.
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We're out at Supernova, Ballincollig, another of the several 'soft play' centres around Cork. This one is larger than the others and boasts an ice rink upstairs but after my last encounter with skates (inline rollers) years ago I'm not going anywhere near them.

Instead I'm watching Rowan and her old crechemate, Alex, scoot about the place in a state of high excitement, climbing on and jumping off EVERYTHING. I'm exhausted just watching them.

Another family Sunday. Home later to wrap up my zine for A&E and collapse.
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[ profile] sammywol and I had our first parent-teacher meeting today with Rowan's new teacher. It went fine, we learned some useful things, passed on some of Rowan's feedback and generally were all grown-up and parental.

I don't know why, then, I touched my face or held a hand up to my face defensively several times during the meeting. I must have residual 'teacher issues'. Thankfully, Rowan's teacher does not appear to resemble any of the teachers of my primary school days at all.
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A couple of pics of Rowan's first walk to school from last week.
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Well, we survived.

Rowan was excited as anything but managed to keep to the schedule and we arrived in good time. We couldn't really get Oscar's buggy into the classroom so Rowan said her goodbyes to Sam in the school yard and I saw her into her class and settled her down.

The playschool has obviously had its benefits as Rowan got quickly into the swing of things and waved me goodbye without a bother as I left.

Sam and I, somewhat shellshocked by the whole business and doubtless surprised by the relative ease with which it passed off, rewarded ourselves with a trip to the Libery Grill for french toast, pancakes and bacon. Yum!

We mooched around town until 11.30 when the kids were let out early. (Usually they'll finish at 1.30 but they're eased into the first week gently.) We collected Rowan, rewarded her with a trip to Waterstone's bookshop (can't start the indoctrination too early; a trip to the bookshop is a treat for me too) and then gamely slogged our way home.

Day 1 done only another 12-15 years or more of education to go.
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Looking through my journal I found this entry from June.

Rowan told me she's making a card for all the people in our family, even those who are far away, like Tim. "I'll make him a get well card, a 'I'm sorry that you died' card".

"It's for all the people in my family who died, or are in America."

Bittersweet laughter.
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One of the best parts of my day is the little ritual Rowan and I share as I
leave the house. She climbs up on the back of the couch and sticks her head
under the curtain to watch me depart.

I spot her and act surprised. We smile and I say, in rusty sign language, 'I
love you'. She returns the sign, adding two upheld fingers to say 'I love
you too'.

Best part of the day? Quite possibly.
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Yesterday was a bank holiday in Ireland and I was off work. An old friend of mine from college, Alison, was back in the country, and came down to Cork overnight with her daughter. I hadn't seen Alison since my wedding day back in '98, and it was my first time meeting her eldest daughter Emma. We had a little difficulty actually meeting one another due to lost directions and phone numbers but a little trans-Atlantic help from her husband in Houston got us back on track and I took Rowan out to meet them.

We hit a toy shop and a playground, and Emma got to show off her great strength, lifting Rowan up to swing from the supports of the swing set, and Rowan got to show some of the better hiding places in the park as the two of them played hide-and-seek.

Later we came back to pick up Sam and went out for dinner in Greene's Restaurant on McCurtain St, which has the appeal of a honest to goodness waterfall running down the cliff outside. This proved very popular with the two girls, and Rowan and Emma insisted on being taken out to see the waterfall a couple of times during the meal. Rowan also discovered that an old crèche-mate of hers was at the restaurant, his parents part of a very large party at a long table that probably contributed to the only real problem with the whole affair: the service was slow, and Rowan was too hungry to be entirely calm about the delays.

Still, the food was excellent, the company good, and there was a waterfall outside.

It was lovely to see Alison again, and to meet her daughter Emma. I hope they enjoy the rest of their visit to Ireland and that Emma gets to have fun on the Giant's Causeway.
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It's a long weekend and we're in the park again. The weather's looking up
and we may even risk a barbecue later. I'm watching a gang of boys try
various methods of football retrieval, one of their number having kicked
their ball in the pond. Stones thrown, dares about swimming and wading, even
negotiations with a passing dog - all have been tried without success.

I'd recommend getting the park warden, but given that he had to improvise a
250 ml waterbottle into a firebucket the other week I suspect he's lacking
the tools too.

After a brief expression of interest, Rowan has decided collecting daisies
is more compelling. I have to agree with her.
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'cos I was at a school meeting for the first time. Last night I went down the Cork School Project, where Rowan is enrolled to start in 'junior infants' in the autumn. It was the registration and basic meet and greet sort of thing. I was really impressed with the principal and his team, all organised, all enthusiastic. It's a little school in the middle of the city, multi-denominational and co-ed.

There's an open day on the 8th of June when we can bring Rowan along to meet the teacher and look around. She's already talking about 'big school' and she's quite excited that a couple of kids from the crèche are going to be in her class, including one kid who's just left the Montessori, so there'll be a reunion soon.

Rowan's going to school in September. Wow.
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A lazy(ish) Sunday. I managed to finish something for Alarums & Excursions
for yesterday's deadline, and rewarded myself with re-watching an episode of
Bones with a murder victim who was boiled and had all her bones removed. Why
did I re-watch it again?

Anyway, Sunday has been slow paced, with the most strenuous moment coming
when I had to fit two flat-pack shelves into the back of our Punto. It's not
a large car but that staple of Irish farming, baler twine, came to my rescue
as I tied down the hatchback boot door. Rowan, who was with me worried that
people would laugh at our car. It's a Punto, love. They're already laughing.

Shelves safely delivered home, we're now in the park enjoying the closing
light of the weekend.

Work tomorrow but I'm ignoring that for the moment.
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My brother and his wife are down for a visit, taking the opportunity meet their nephew Oscar for the first time and touching base with Rowan and us at the same time. Sleeping arrangements are a little complicated for us with six in a two bedroom house, but we managed, even if it did mean Rowan coming in to our bed at 6.15am saying "Eoin woke me up because he snores but that's okay because he can't help it." Okay for you, maybe, daughter, but more Gah! for me.

Anyway, it's good to see some of the family and today we're going out into Cork to do family things. This will probably include a trip to the library and to the English Market, as books and food are life, basically.
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This morning Rowan picked out my shirt for me. She often does this, rushing
to the wardrobe from her bed when I go to her in the morning and choosing
from the various shirts she finds there.

On this occasion she took longer than usual and made a thorough examination
of several shirts before deciding on one blue one I haven't worn in ages. I
promptly put it on - the house was cold at 6.35am - and did up the buttons.

Rowan looked me up and down with an appraising eye and pronounced it good,
obviously pleased with her sartorial selection.

"You look smart, Dada!"

I wonder what she thought I looked like on all the previous mornings? Maybe
it's best not to know.
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Rowan & I are home again. She doing better but seems to be running a fever
too so there's a likelihood of an infection (probably urinary tract)
coincident with the concussion. Neurologically she seems to be fine though
and that's a big relief.

She's sleeping on the couch now beside Sam and I'm just heading to bed now
for a nap. I don't think any of us had a good night's sleep last night.

Thanks everyone for the good wishes and positive thoughts.
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Only this time it's my daughter Rowan who is the patient.

She fell earlier today and banged her head good & proper on the ground. She
seemed fine then but a few hours later she vomited a couple of times and
we're all in A&E now waiting for a doctor to examine her[1].

It's my wife's turn next when offspring #2 arrives in March. Let's hope she
doesn't get jealous of husband and daughter hogging the medical limelight
and try to get into hospital early with a crisis of her own.

[1] We took her first to a late night GP service in Cork where the doctor
examined her and sent her home. One incident of vomiting wasn't too worrying
he said. Later Rowan vomited again and now we're in the A&E.
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I'm still in hospital, but doing pretty well. My parents-in-law have just
dropped by with a care package from home (Sam and Rowan can't come into the
hospital because of the winter vomiting bug clamp-down). Included was a new
picture drawn by Rowan. It shows three figures, one smiling, curly-haired
blond, one round-tummied, long-haired, and one bearded chap, bald in the
middle. I am ludricrously touched by this.
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Rowan was swashbuckling on the stairs with a sword made from one of those
long balloon animal balloons. Sam had fashioned the sword. All those years
in the circus must have paid off.

Rowan stabbed through the bannisters. "I stab my pink sword in the witch's

Luckily we got Sam oxygen before brain damage set in.
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It's bloody chilly in Cork today, so I was reminded of the summer and sunshine days in Fitzgerald Park with Rowan.

From Rowan
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My daughter just turned to me and said

"I'll be back in two snaps of a fish's eye."

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My darling daughter has chosen to watch "The Wonder Pets" and I am fairly
sure my brain has stopped working as a direct consequence.

"The Wonder Pets" seems to be a show of the adventures of three pet animals,
a duck, a hamster and a terrapin. Horrifyingly, they sing opera as they help
save the day.

My mind, she is broken.
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As readers of my wife's LJ will know, our daughter Rowan has chicken pox. Yesterday the spots started appearing and we've resigned ourselves to the itching, the time off from playschool and the chaos it makes of our schedules for the next week or more. Luckily for her, Rowan seems to be mostly unconcerned by the whole thing, and apart from an occasional scratch she's pretty much ignoring the problem altogether.

My boss is understanding so when I have to take time off this week, it's not going to cause a problem, I'm glad to say.

Of course, now I itch.

All over.

I hate auto-suggestion.
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"I love you more than ice cream, Dada."

That's worth a hundred early mornings.
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Rowan in the bath tonight, during a period of "I am Sportacus"[1], an obsession stemming from the Lazytown tv show, was pretending to be Sportacus, the sporty Icelandic hero.

Me: "I can wash Sportacus's face, as you need a clean moustache, but you have to be Rowan for a bit as I need to wash your special place. Sportacus doesn't have a vulva. He has a penis."
Rowan: "You be Robbie Rotten then."
Me (to Sam): "Aha, I always suspected they got up to that sort of thing."
Rowan (piping up again): "And I can be the window cleaner!"

My brain: "Boggle".

[1] Of course, I am Brian Blessed.
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Rowan is sitting with us at lunch in a cafe in her favourite park.

'Can I have some of your apple pie, mama?'

'Of course, love'

Rowan, through the sounds of munching, says 'Another happy ending!'
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Today I'm starting the morning at 7.20, or wehatever it is, and for the
first time in recent memory Rowan is still asleep. I haven't been woken at
6.00 or 6.15 by a voice from the next room and I'm at a bit of a loss to do
anything except drink my tea and wonder if she's feeling quite herself.
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While visiting my mother we have happened to coincide with a street party
organised by local families for residents. The centerpiece of this party is
a bouncy castle, which has captivated and commanded my daughter's attention
practically to the exclusion of everything else (though drawing on the road
with chalks has made a showing late in the day).

By now, however, the many, many children are losing steam and balance, and
the collisions on the bouncy castle are becoming more frequent. I think it's
time to wind down but I suspect this is one of those times when we lack a
workable exit strategy.

Oh well. At least she should sleep well tonight.
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Last night we took the plunge and informed Rowan that Sam was pregnant. Well, we told her that 'Mama has a tiny baby growing inside her'. There was a brief moment when a look of confused horror passed over Rowan's face, but then she seemed to warm to the idea. She said 'does that mean I'm going to have a baby sister?' Well sort of, we explained, or a baby brother. 'I like boys', she informed us. Just like your mother, I thought (ducks incoming comments from [ profile] sammywol).

Anyway, Rowan seemed unfazed by the news and was definitely happy to know that [ profile] sammywol's recent fatigue and illness was all because of the pregnancy and nothing more serious. I think she was getting worried about her mother's continued state of 'blah'.

So now I'm waiting for Rowan to start asking when the baby is coming. 'Is it here yet?'
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We're in the car listening to Peter Gabriel sing the Magnetic Fields' 'The
Book of Love'. He gets to the bits about the book being full of
"instructions for dancing".

Rowan pipes up.

"I don't need instructions for dancing. I'm clever!"

Indeed you are, love.
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We're in the car listening to Peter Gabriel sing the Magnetic Fields' 'The Book of Love'. He gets to the bits about the book being full of "instructions for dancing".

Rowan pipes up.

"I don't need instructions for dancing. I'm clever!"

Indeed you are, love.
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Hey all. Long time without a post, but there have been extenuating circumstances. [ profile] sammywol, my wife, is pregnant for the second time and we're expecting our second child sometime in early March of next year.

Unfortunately much as before, [ profile] sammywol is suffering with morning, noon and night sickness and is feeling nauseous most of the day through. We're hoping that she won't need hospitalisation (for dehydration) this time, though, and she is just about keeping things under control.

Offspring number 1, Rowan, remains blissfully ignorant of the impending change in her sibling status. We're new to the business of explaining the new arrival to our daughter; advice will be gratefully accepted (though possibly ignored if it involves buying Rowan noise-makers or a car).



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