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mylescorcoran ([personal profile] mylescorcoran) wrote2009-08-27 01:51 pm
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[boardgames] Dominion 3-hander

We had [personal profile] irishkate and [profile] alaimacerc round last night and I played Dominion with them while Sam worked on some layout for a newsletter. We played the Village Square set-up, short on attack cards. We obviously manage to get our gold flow right early on and were a little surprised by the early purchasing of provinces. This may have been premature as there was then a pause while we had several rounds without anyone getting the cash together for provinces, and failing to get the combo gold+remodel to grab a province that way. In the end I got the last Province and won the game - Myles 49, Alai 45, Irishkate 34.

Any recommendation for interesting card choices for a new Dominion set-up? We haven't tried the gardens yet, but most everything else has had a go.

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